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KBR Ep 34: Don’t Make These Sales Page Copy Mistakes

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Today’s episode features copywriting whiz, Sophia Arthur.  She joins Lisa for an info-packed talk about the sales page. They cover so much ground, including the fundamentals of a good sales page, general marketing savviness, and actionable tips for you to improve your copy and get your sales page doing all the right things.

Sophia works primarily with wellness entrepreneurs with a focus on copy that converts AND feels good to her client (aka zero sleaze copy). She’s incredibly generous with her knowledge and draws on her experience as a print journalist to deliver exceptional value.

Show Notes:

0:30 Meet Sophia and learn what a copywriter actually does.

3:27 Lisa and Sophia vibe on creating stories, selling through connection and the value of good copywriting.

7:10 The when and why of long form over short form (psssst this is valuable even if long form gives you shivers).

9:35 Why your product is not for everybody, and how to get your customers nodding in agreement while on your sales page.

15:29 The mistake lots of wellness biz owners are making on their “sales page”.

18:05 The sales page format that’ll increase your conversions.

18:42 The key to creating value when presenting an offer.

22:30 The sales psychology that’ll help you curate and price your offer.

27:27 The three things to put “above the fold” (the part that is visible before you start scrolling).

29:21 The essential elements of a sales page and why you need the ‘Problem, Agitation, Solution’ formula in your life.

34:04 This is why your sales page is an act of service.

37:55 What you can do to make your sales page easy to read.

38:32 The testimonial mistakes to avoid when providing social proof.

41:30 Alternatives to the super expensive, perfectly designed sales page.

43:00 Sophia has some amazing free resources for you. Head over to her site and grab her 5 Step Sales Page Process.


Connect with Sophia Arthur at and on Facebook and Instagram.

Connect with Lisa Corduff on Facebook and Instagram (@kbr_with_lisa)

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