KBR Ep 35: Let it be easy!

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In today’s episode, Lisa reflects on the ease and organisation of her most recent launch, which also happened to be her most successful. She dives into the stories she held onto for so long that kept her from experiencing ease and shares what she is finding on the other side of letting those stories go.

If your business feels hard a lot of the time, this episode is a breath of fresh air.  

Show Notes:

0:31 Lisa shares the stories that she believed underlay her business success.

2:02 What went down in Lisa’s easiest, least stressful, most successful launch yet.

4:05 Lisa poses a question (or 10) to get you thinking about the level of ease in your business and life.

5:50 The question you could be asking yourself often to help you shed the old version and embrace where you’re at now.

7:43 Does ‘work less, earn more’ feel irrelevant to you?

8:50 What if it does continually feel hard?


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  1. Heather Matthew on June 19, 2019 at 12:29 pm

    A good podcast Lisa, works in well with the new course

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