KBR Ep 33: The Biggest Objection to My New Program

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Lisa talks launches in this episode and shares a different objection that has surfaced when launching her new program. She has been surprised by the fear her community is feeling about the transformation on offer in her Ready For Change program and shares with you how she has addressed this objection and the importance of being in conversation with the people who haven’t bought.

If you’d like to view the sales page and see what Ready for Change is about, head over here.

Show Notes:

0:50 What the sales process tends to become about.

1:35 The objections Lisa became familiar with while selling her Small Steps products.

2:20 How Lisa’s current launch is bringing through a new objection.

4:10 If you offer transformations in your biz, you need to be conscious of this.

5:20 What Lisa is telling the people who’ve been reaching out to her with their fears.

6:35 Lisa’s personal approach to change and feeling scared.

8:05 Check out the Ready For Change sales page to see how Lisa has approached the fear objection.

9:45 Always be in conversation with the people who haven’t bought.


If you’re interested in Lisa’s brand new program, Ready for Change, take a peek at what it’s all about.

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