KBR Ep 32: The Simplest Way to Feel Happier in Your Biz

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In this episode, Lisa shares a theory on unhappiness that her mentor introduced her to – unhappiness occurs in the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Of course, there are many theories on happiness, and Lisa shares this one today not as ‘the right one’ but as something that has had a profound impact on her business and life. Listen in as she fleshes out the idea and provides insight into how she’s closed that unhappiness gap.

Show Notes:

0:30 Lisa shares the happiness theory her mentor shared with her that has helped her in her business.
1:50 You may never make it to B from A but that doesn’t have to have anything to do with your happiness.
5:40 Who are these unqualified, ‘loud’ people who are more successful than me??
7:20 Working from a place of peace.
8:20 Put your feet on the ground because that spot you’re standing in is perfect for you.
10:38 Are you done with the bullshit you’ve been telling yourself?

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