KBR Ep 31: How to Show Up When You’re Not Feeling It

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Today’s episode covers a question Lisa gets asked all the time. How do you continue to show up for your business and your audience when you’re mojo is missing (or you just can’t be F)? There is a harsh truth in this one – If you’re not managing your energy and attention, you’ll never get the results you want.

Listen in as Lisa shares a few practical tips to help you keep the wheels in motion.

Show Notes:

0:30 Lisa shares how she’s feeling while recording this episode. It’s far from pumped and inspired.

1:25 A reminder about why showing up consistently is essential.

4:11 Lisa shares what her biggest asset is in her biz and how she cares for it.

6:08 The things you can do to help you Bring It when you need to.

8:27 Are you being responsible for your energy?

9:33 Did you know it’s your fault that you’re in a bad mood?

10:08 You have to take care of the asset. That’s YOU!

11:45 Picture perfect sucks. Don’t wait to be at that level.

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