KBR Ep 30: Do Your Circumstances Dictate Your Success?

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We all feel like life strikes sometimes and messes up our plans, but is this happening to you regularly? Is your business often at the mercy of your circumstances?

In this episode, Lisa will help you move beyond your circumstances (even the really dire ones) and start coming at your life and business from a more powerful place. You are unstoppable. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

0:30 How ‘not working from your circumstances’ boggled Lisa’s mind for a while there.

1:39 The two main circumstances that people think are real and holding them back.

2:05 How to show yourself that what you’re believing about your circumstances is just a story.

2:56 Lisa busted through her story about what it looks like to do motherhood and business.

4:19 It’s not wrong to look at your circumstances and not know how you’ll move beyond them.

5:36 What working from your circumstances really means for your creative power.

6:13 When the story starts to shift and it’s “new level, new devil”…

6:39 Lisa shares her rocky road through her circumstances.

7:36 Can you re-evaluate your current “truth” and choose powerful over limiting?

9:00 Lisa shares an exciting new project with early bird access to discounts and bonuses.


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