KBR Ep 3: Five Things I’d Tell Myself in the First Year of Business

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Show Notes

Lisa reaches out a supportive hand to her earlier self, sending back five messages to help her through the chaos of that first year in business.

If you’re just starting out with your online business (and maybe it’s feeling like a bit of shit show?) then Lisa’s insightful words are here just for you.

1:26 Lisa looks back to her first year of business with 3 kids under 4, no systems, no real clue about running a business and a strong demand for her services.

2:42 The chaos won’t end anytime soon, so find ways to support yourself.

5:37 A reflection on the best investments Lisa has made.

7:13 Your loved ones won’t get it – and that’s okay. How to cope with a partner, family and friends who have no idea what you do.

9:15 Learn about boundaries and apply them (quick!)

11:22 It’s okay for you to follow through on this big dream. Lisa has an emotional chat about her stories around motherhood and running a successful business. She shares her struggle to reconcile the two roles.

15:39 Get in touch! If you’re just starting out, what most resonated with you? Or if you’ve already learnt a few lessons of your own, what would you like your earlier self to know?


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