KBR Ep 2: Four Non-negotiables for Your Business Growth

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Show Notes

Lisa shares the four things she has found to be essential to growing an online business. In this episode, Lisa looks closely at each non-negotiable and provides some inspiring ideas so that you can get your business moving in the direction you want.

0:45 This isn’t about telling you what to do or laying down ‘the rules’.

1:05 Consistency: it’s the path to building trust. How consistency can turn those resounding crickets into a two-way conversation.

3:18 Visibility: it’s not comfortable but it is necessary. Lisa exploresgets into finding ways to be seen that feel good to you.

5:15 Customers: yes, you need to SELL things to people. If marketing feels icky to you, Lisa provides a fresh perspective. for you to try on.  

7:14 Your personal growth: your number one business strategy. Lisa gets honest about your business – it’s a reflection of you. She shares inspiration for getting un-stuck and moving yourself and your business forward.

9:20 The importance of listening to yourself. Lisa looks at the difference between learning from mentors and teachers (yay!) and being sold a solution that is actually inside of you (boo!).  

12:50 Lisa summarises her four non-negotiables to business growth and reminds you that YOU are the most important factor in your business.


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