KBR Ep 4: The Green Dress

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Show Notes

In this episode, Lisa chats about her experience that all the best things happen outside the comfort zone. She shares her recent trip into the zone of discomfort to buy a new dress. Fuelled by an intention to evolve her business, she navigates all the feelings that swirl around the purchase.

Lisa inspires you to get uncomfortable in your business and experience the personal and business growth that follows.

0:30 How Lisa came to be on a shopping trip with a brand developer in search of a green dress.

4:40 Gobble gobble. Feeling like a turkey in all the wrong dresses.

5:05 Finding the green dress. Lisa chats about trusting in herself, trusting in the experts and taking that dress all the way to Laguna Beach.

7:30 New level, new devil. Lisa shares how the ‘discomfort feels’ took her over before her first ever photoshoot. She highlights the many ways in which your business may call you to get out of your comfort zone.

12:10 What is your green dress? Lisa invites you to try your uncomfortableness on.


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  1. Mira Healy on November 14, 2018 at 4:42 pm

    You are so ditsy Lisa, I love it!

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