KBR Ep 29: Are You Selling Them What They Want?

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Lisa’s chat with her brother inspires her to create this incredibly helpful ep on a marketing must-know. Are you holding yourself back or confusing your customers with your ‘bigger than Ben Hur’ offer? This episode will help.

Show Notes:

0:31 Lisa shares a convo she had with her brother that highlighted a ‘pickle’ so many entrepreneurs find themselves in.

1:30 The problem with aiming for elephant-sized transformations for your clients.

2:23 Do your clients know they have the problem you’re trying to solve for them?

4:49 What the best online courses and memberships have in common.

5:58 When Lisa learnt the number one reason people leave memberships.

6:45 How providing an all-in-one solution will hold back your business growth.

7:31 Creating an ascension model in your business.


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  1. Aga on May 13, 2019 at 12:47 pm

    Great episode Lisa, thank you for sharing. I love listening to you.

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