KBR Ep 24: Emma O’Sullivan on Leaping into Entrepreneurship

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If you’re on the cusp of starting that thing you’ve been dreaming about, Lisa and Emma O’Sullivan have all the goods to help you get moving in this episode. Emma is a daily success strategist who made the leap to online business after a career in journalism and the public service. She shares generously in this chat about the steps she took to make a successful transition from the corporate world to a life that felt aligned with her values.

And if you’re already knee-deep in your business, you’ll know the internal battle this game can be. Emma has some amazing strategies and concepts to help you rise.

Show Notes:

0:30 Lisa introduces her guest, Daily Success Strategist, Emma O’Sullivan.

1:56 Emma shares her experience of leaping from the public sector to entrepreneurship and the book she credits for it.

8:03 Why values need to come before money.

9:59 Emma drills down on her strategy for making the leap – what is the fastest path?

15:35 How you can use deadlines to rocket yourself forward.

18:16 The secret to getting over your pricing woes.

18:58 Feeling selfish for following your dream? Got a mad critic in your head? Listen here.

26:12 Are you committed to yourself or an outcome? We hope it’s the former!

27:55 Be the centre of your strategy.

32:14 You are a magnet, so what is coming at you?

33:32 Lisa and Emma jam on the daily habits that are the foundation for everything.

42:00 Emma shares some info on what it’s like to work with her as a coach and how to find her.


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