KBR Ep 23: Angela Henderson on What No-one Told You About Online Business

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Lisa has a chat with her good friend and straight-talker, Angela Henderson. Angela has a hugely successful background in business and shares with you today her foundational business principles to help you move to the next level. From the value of community and the importance of numbers to all the things you need to know about your website – Angela and Lisa bring stacks of value. Enjoy!
Show Notes:
0:31 Lisa welcomes Angela to the podcast and introduces today’s topic.
2:48 Angela shares her business background and international success.
5:18 The three little pigs and your business.
7:55 Moving from taking imperfect action to stepping into a business mindset.
9:08 Conversation equals conversion.
9:44 Let’s talk profit over revenue #keepingitreal!
12:18 What to do BEFORE the huge investments of time and money begin.
14:33 The things you have to hear about websites.
16:29 Your email list is a foundational element of your business.
18:11 Your community is people, not numbers.
22:52 The financial benefit of giving freely and valuing connection.
26:03 If you want to earn $100k in 12 months – these are the things you HAVE to do.
29:04 Look at your damn numbers!
32:00 You can change the wheel if it’s broken.
32:54 Get the juicy details of Angela’s amazing retreat being held in October 2019.
Find out more about Angela’s exclusive retreat for women in business and grab yourself a ticket here.
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