KBR Ep 25: Chara Caruthers on Tuning Into Your Natural Rhythm

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As the weather begins to cool here in Australia, Lisa chats with her friend Chara Caruthers about the seasons and natural rhythms that affect our productivity. Chara is an author, coach, speaker and Ayurvedic practitioner with a holistic approach to eating, living and ‘being’ in the world. There is plenty of wisdom in today’s ep, especially if you like to ‘push through’ and maintain your high-level productivity year round.

Show Notes:

0:30 Lisa introduces her friend and today’s guest, Chara Caruthers, and dives into why she has invited Chara to speak about natural rhythms.

2:45 Chara introduces the foundational Ayurvedic principle of connectedness.

5:41 When you’re in a funk, look outside as well as in.

7:32 Cycles and seasons will impact your productivity. Why do you push through?

9:50 How we can support ourselves through life when we’re not feeling it.

12:03 Have you ever set seasonal goals?

17:06 Where to focus your attention to maximise your energy on a low day.

19:40 Quirky fact: you are not a robot.

20:49 Chara shares a little about her new book “Eat Like You Love Yourself”.

24:08 The value of this knowledge within our families and our teams.


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