Today’s episode of Keeping Good Company is a cracker! Lisa interviews her mentor and coach, James Wedmore. James is the creator of a seven-figure business which he uses to help entrepreneurs develop the mindset needed for entrepreneurship. He is also the creator and host of the enormously successful and “totally woo-woo” podcast Mind Your Business.

Lisa and James chat about the inner world of entrepreneurship. James provides valuable advice on how to take your business to the next level by working from the inside out. Lisa shares the personal transformation she has experienced under James’ guidance.


05:20 – Lisa and James chat about one of the big beliefs Lisa held about business when she first began James’ mastermind, The Inner Circle. James shares the mistake that most struggling entrepreneurs are making and the critical piece of the puzzle that they are ignoring. Includes an enlightening definition of ‘resistance’.
9:30 – How entrepreneurship is the ultimate playground for personal and spiritual growth. James hits the nail on the head with: “you cannot do what you can’t believe.”
11:40 – Breaking down the belief that you’re not good enough. Do you FEEL worthy and deserving of your goal? Are you chasing your worth through working harder and achieving more? James provides some perspective on worthiness.
15:55 – Lisa raises the story of selfishness that many of her tribe experience and James provides a wonderful perspective. Selfishness doesn’t equal harming others and how being selfish could actually be seen as selflessness.
19:45 – Lisa shares the effects of getting shingles and James calling her out on a lack of responsibility for her life. That leads James into chatting about the common thread he has found all of the wisdom-seeking he has done: as within, so without. James relates this back to business – your business is a mirror of who you are.
24:55 – There are no problems. There are no failures. James talks interpretation, labels, and stories and suggests that embracing problems may be the difference between successful and struggling entrepreneurs.
27:35 – Lisa and James turn the conversation to failure. Lisa shares her new perspective on failure after a launch didn’t meet her expectations. James provides a framework for the real-world process in which there is no room for failure.
33:10 – Being the objective scientist and the risk of accidental success.
37:35 – Lisa asks James for a framework for getting past and dismantling the stories that hold people back. James provides a light explanation on brain function in relation to beliefs and provides two questions you can come back to when you’re struggling to reach a goal in business.
44:35 – James reveals his brand new, free 8 part mini-series, The Rise of the Digital CEO. Lisa shares the incredible impact working with James has had on her business and life.

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