CwL Ep38: Lessons From A Dark Year

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It’s IMPOSSIBLE to bloom without the rain… 

2020. What a year it was for all of us! A year where we collectively experienced new and bizarre things, but also a year that was filled with our own stories, moments… our personal memoirs. I had wanted it to be the year I bloomed. Little did I know, I had to feel the rain first. 

In this episode I share some of the key lessons that I learned from my year that was. 

  • Why I needed to acknowledge and embody the hard things last year
  • The importance of finding your support when you are in those heavy spaces
  • What happened that time I just couldn’t get out of bed
  • The gift for my children in learning language around emotions
  • Why it’s OK to be done with the darkness, for now
  • How I am – we all are – richer now… our fabric will be forever stitched a little differently.


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