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CwL Ep 2: Go Your Own Way – A conversation on Personal Power

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Welcome to a new conversation. 

I’ll be honest, this episode took a while to coax out of myself. I knew wholeheartedly that it was time for these convos to come to life, but I struggled to know just how to start them. That was until I received a fun idea from someone close to me that involved Fleetwood Mac. Done. Boom. I was off and racing.

In this conversation, I delve into just a few of the reasons we don’t walk our own path – or go our own way. Almost all of the women I’ve met through my programs have been ready. Ready for growth. Ready to do things differently. The status quo has stopped feeling okay and they want to shake things up. Yet so many of those same women, although ready to do things differently, don’t take the next steps. Nothing changes for them. 

If you’ve been ready to do things differently in an area of your life but find yourself not taking the steps needed for change to happen, then I’m here to give you a gentle wake up. I’ve laid out some signposts for you in this episode so that you can begin to understand what’s holding you back from going your own way. 

Once you’ve enjoyed the episode, reflect on these questions and let me know which one is holding you back from going your own way:

Do you give yourself full permission to go your own way?
Do you trust yourself enough to honour your intuition and inner knowing?
Do you recognise that you might have choice in areas of your life where it doesn’t feel as though you do?
Are you letting fear drive? 

Key takeaways:

  • We don’t go our own way because we have difficulty trusting ourselves. We outsource our inner knowing, believing that those around us know better than we do, or have more experience and therefore know something we don’t. 
  • We don’t go our own way because we don’t recognise the incredible amount of choice we have in our lives. Without an awareness around what we are and are not choosing, we’re unable to step fully into our power. 
  • We don’t go our own way because we are allowing fear to drive. We don’t realise that we’re bigger than the fear. If we want growth, we’ve got to change our relationship with fear. We’ve got to recognise it, honour it for doing its job, and then put it back in its place. 
  • Fear will always be with us, it’s inbuilt into the human experience, but its purpose is to keep us safe. What’s holding us back from growth is being afraid of things that don’t actually cause us harm, they just take us outside of our comfort zone. 
  • We think we know ourselves but what we actually know is the stories we habitually tell ourselves. 

Links and Resources:

Big Magic | Elizabeth Gilbert
You Can Go Your Own Way | Fleetwood Mac
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