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Ep 15: The Year That Was – Lisa

Lisa shares her most important insights of 2017 – the year she realised just how much is possible, but also discovered her own limits and boundaries, and how to focus on what really matters. Show Notes 02:42 – How Lisa found the right balance between sharing and allowing herself to switch off 09:00 – The…

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Ep 14: The year that was – Karly

Karly shares the highs, lows and breakthroughs of 2017. From heart-pain and tears, letting go of her attachment to success, closing Radcasters and selling out a Mastermind with Lisa – Karly has shed what didn’t serve her, and stepped into who she is. Show Notes 05:32 – Anxiety, crippling heart-pain, and the moment Karly was…

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Ep 12: What Do You Do When Your Family and Friends Don’t Get It?

Lisa and Karly answer a listener’s question on how to push through with your dream, even when friends and family don’t support you. They talk about letting go of the need for validation, how your success can raise up the people around you, and why the friends you need will be the ones who stick…

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