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About Lisa

Wholefoods blogger and mum of three young kids, Lisa is passionate about connecting real people with the real food message. Nothing fancy, no frills, just the information and inspiration people need to make lasting change..

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Lisa Corduff's Small Steps Course makes eating real food easy!

Wherever you are on your whole foods journey, this course will either kickstart or restart you on your journey to making healthy nutrition changes for your whole family.
Lisa is so gorgeous and approachable little wonder she has been successful in gathering up the creme de la creme of wellness experts from Australia, to bring you endless inspiration, tips and information in the form of interviews and webinars and videos.
You will become part of her online wellness family for 8 weeks where you are encourages, nourished and supported not just be Lisa, but by the rest of the wonderful and giving members of the course.

Brenda Janschek, Health and Lifestyle Coach, Wellness Blogger

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The Power of Connection (and the kitchen table)

It’s so confronting, feeling lonely in a world of mass connection. We have the ability to connect at any time of the day or night. We can passively connect through viewing TV or a news stream or FB or Instagram feed. We

Going Home

People often ask me what drives me. Or why I seem to work so hard. They think I’m 'driven' or 'ambitious.' I might be those things. But more than anything, I’m a woman who is in her eighth year of living away from

Zesty Chicken Balls

I’m a big fan of choosing the best possible meat you can find and afford. When my awareness was raised around some of the issues of factory farmed meat and animal products, I started upgrading the cheap cuts of meat. If

Pimping My Super Simple Smoothie

We all have our go-to recipes, don’t we? I share the easiest banana smoothie in the world all the time on webinars and in conversations but I have never actually blogged it (because it seems too easy!). However, I’ve

Whole – Whats?

The Small Steps to Wholefoods program is 8-weeks of information, inspiration and education delivered straight to your inbox to get you rolling on your wholefoods journey. Bringing together the biggest names in wholefoods, the program is jam-packed with everything you need to know about WHY and HOW to incorporate more real food into your life. This isn't high-brow, this isn't promising anything unachievable.

Want to start ditching the processed and packaged junk? I look forward to seeing you in the Small Steps community.

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