Ep 49: The Path of Least Resistance

Karly has recently returned from Hay House Writers Workshop and has made the big decision to self-publish her first book (which she’s been writing for around 2 years) as an audio-only book. She’s back, and recording the book already… because she’s decided to follow a path of least resistance.

Show Notes

2:10 – When Karly is very innocently asked ‘is your book an audio book’ and her brain almost imploded with the simplicity. She shares how we have this insane ability to way overcomplicate things.
4:00 – Karly explores the hurdles that have come up, beyond just self-doubt, that could have really derailed her prior to now, but now she’s taking a different approach.
7:20 – How to ask for help in a way that will actually get you a response you can use.
8:50 – What is the difference between resistance and flow and how can people recognise the flow then walk that path?
13:40 – How to find a way to take action on something you want to see realised, so that you can open the door to the next creative project, by finishing your last project.
16:00 – Wrap up of the key lessons of this episode.

If you’d like to get a copy of the much-awaited audiobook and be part of the Memoir of Mediocre Life journey, you can get chapters as they are released and access to an exclusive Facebook group at karlynimmo.com/book for only $16.50.

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