Ep 44: How do you set goals when it feels so blergh?

This weeks episode Karly and Lisa wax lyrical on their surprise around goal setting. Both Lias and Karly have felt deep resistance around setting long-term business goals. Concerned that having a goal will stifle creativity, Lisa discusses how her 90-day plan has bought more structure to her business. While her 10-year vision feels like a goal setting playground. Karly takes time to reflect on her year of wins and thoroughly celebrate how far she has come. This inspires her, to stop avoiding the future and start planning for it.

Join Lisa and Karly as they dive into goal setting and how you can find ways to set goals that feel aligned with your purpose.

Show Notes

06:43 – Lisa – “Maybe there’s something to this goal planning”
08:09 – a vision matters – it needs to inspire you. Being ok with it taking awhile
08:47 – a ten-year vision is a Playful place to live in
09:43 – I don’t want my avoidance of my stuff to become Mabel’s’ burden
20:45 – Don’t apologise for what motivates you and what feels good
24:28 – Without goals – What’s there to show for your business?
27:18 – Sometimes our goals are set from our pain points
37:26 – Are you ready to move out of your current comfort zone and stretch yourself?

Are you motivated by the SMART goals? What does goal setting even mean to you?
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