KBR Ep 36: Your mid-year shake-up!

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Mid-year can roll around so fast, can’t it?! In this episode, Lisa is intent on lighting a fire in your belly that’ll carry you well into the second half of the year. She shares where she is at with some of her own goals and prompts you with questions that will allow you to dig deep and set your course for a year that feels exactly the way you’d hoped.

Show Notes:

0:34 Is June hectic for you? Lisa shares what June looks like for her.

1:14 Lisa asks some hard questions to help create a line in the sand moment for you.

2:32 Lisa’s 2019 goal that has gone unloved.

3:30 Do you need a trip to the drawing board to upgrade your goals??

4:06 Do you recognise the possibility that you can have a breakthrough moment at ANY TIME?

5:27 Lisa has some hot tips on how to change the ‘doing’ you do in your biz.

7:30 The essential ingredient you need to set aside time for.

8:15 Lisa is intent on starting a fire in your belly!


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