KBR Ep 13: What Are You Making it Mean?

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Today’s episode may be the ultimate mindset hack. It could change the way you come at life and business. Nothing has any meaning, except the meaning you give it…. Lisa drops this big idea and then provides practical examples to help you make some sense of it. Piqued your interest? Listen on, lady.

Show Notes:

0:49 Lisa shares a teaching she learned from Jim Fortin that has changed her approach to failure, relationships and…. well, life.

2:45 What are you making your bank balance mean?

5:00 Are you seeing the signals for what they are?

6:45 Lisa challenges you to create some new stories around your 2018 results.

8:39 Gaining total control over your stories.

11:03 Lisa shares the types of stories she is choosing for herself these days.


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