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CwL Ep 142 Harvest – Ripple Effects (Part Four)

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Join Lisa as she takes you on a four-part journey through the creation of Harvest – her story of grief and love and the harvest she has reaped. 

Discovering, writing, sharing your story is a heck of a journey but then what happens when it is in the world?

In this episode Lisa shares the ripple effects since she performed Harvest. 

Not only did the process of creating it transform Lisa, but the feedback from those in the room has blown her away. The simple act of deep connection through story-telling has been a powerful reminder of what women are seeking at this moment in time. 

In a world saturated with superficial content, Lisa is passionate about rekindling the magical art of story-telling because it is medicine for all.

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Welcome back. This is the last little part of the series, and it really is the outcome, I guess, the ripple effect that can happen when you do share your story. And I could never have predicted what that would have been for myself and most importantly, for the women who heard the story. And it was funny because as soon as I got off stage, there were just all these beautiful open arms people hugging me, people wanting to tell me the impact that the story had had, that they had no idea certain things were going down. They remember times that I referred to and wouldn’t have had any idea what was going on. I found out that the reason the room was pretty quiet was because a lot of people were crying or holding back tears or just kind of enthralled by the story. They were right in there with me, and it was good to hear that when you hear it from people who wouldn’t be lying to you.

There was a woman behind the bar, and I’d say she was in her mid twenties, and she said, Hey, I just wanted to say you made me cry. I had no idea what was going on tonight. I brought in my book because to be honest, I get a little bit bored. I just usually flick through my phone or read a book. And literally, the moment you started talking, I was listening and I couldn’t stop listening, and your story is extraordinary. And I cried and she had no reason to tell me that story. I believed what she was saying. And when you’ve got friends who are going to absolutely tell you the truth, one of those friends wrote me a text message, and when I saw from her what she had, well, I’ll read you the text message. She said, oh my God, I’ve been meaning to write, to tell you how amazing Harvest was.

Really. It was incredible. I loved it. You looked beautiful, very healing, entertaining, honest, raw, classy. Do you feel different? And I didn’t even know how to write back. I felt quite overwhelmed by the positive feedback. I think I have always had a little bit of a problem with compliments that I really have worked hard to say thank you to people when they pay me a compliment and just really receive it. That person who sent me that message, she’s definitely my honest and honest person, and to get that from her was phenomenal. And of course I felt different. Of course, I felt different on the other side of it took me a little while to find my feet again afterwards. But what’s been really more important than positive feedback and knowing that I delivered it in a way that did have impact was the stories people have shared back with me.

What it opened up for other people when I was, was sitting on that stage, sharing my story, they were connecting with theirs. And whether they could relate to a story of addiction wasn’t important to me. It was about what happens to a woman when she goes through these hard times, when she loses people, when she experiences big grief and when she has to find something in her to help her carry on, even when she just feels completely shattered, being lied to by the person you love the most. So many different themes in harvest. It covered a lot of ground. And when I was up there, honest, vulnerable, being seen, it gave them space to be honest with themselves. And many of them have been honest with me about what it brought up for them, about what they felt able to accept now about their pain and that they carry it. And suddenly someone was speaking to something and giving them hope and helping them see that, yeah, yeah, there’s a harvest from all of this stuff. Yeah, you can experience these hard times. And women sharing back with me has been such a gift to me, and I’m sure to them as well because sometimes there’s very few people we can actually be honest with in those moments.

And the power of a good, honest, relatable story is that it connects in ways that pretty much nothing else can. And so I guess I sort of feel like I went first in terms of starting a conversation with women who also had something to share. And we need people to share their stories so that others feel like they’ve got permission to share theirs. When we bring things into the light with our story, the ripple effect can be very, very real. I mean, weeks later, women were getting in contact with me, sharing how they’re still reflecting on things that they heard in harvest, that they went and had conversations with people that they needed to have conversations with since harvest, that they feel like they’re being kind to themselves in ways that they haven’t been before because of harvest. This story that I just decided I needed to write and I needed to say out loud.

And you see the magic in it all. When we rise into what’s calling us, what has to be done, we don’t actually necessarily know the ripple effects. I mean, I didn’t know what a massive life shakeup was coming for me as I stepped out of the person living it and into the person owning it. I mean, it’s been really such a ride gift in so many ways, such an expansion, more depths of understanding this concept of letting go, allowing, looking for the gifts amongst it all, feeling grief when it hits you instead of trying to distract yourself. It’s so important. It’s the thing I feel like I am so much better at now. I share. I share a lot of lessons in harvest.

That story is mine, but really it’s ours. It’s all of ours. And I don’t know what I’m going to do with it from here. But knowing the ripple effect, knowing that it had a really positive impact on the people who heard it, makes me want to share it more. It makes me want to fill other rooms in other places, but it’s also served such an important role for me just in the act of doing it. And this is what I starting to really feel very passionately about this at the moment. And I dunno if anything’s going to come from it. I have had people reach out actually and say that they would like to be able to share their story so that they can connect with their audience online or those sorts of things. And there’s so many aspects to getting to the point of being able to do that.

And then also literally being able to craft a good story. I mean, you can go ahead and email me if that’s something you might be interested in, and I’ll see if there’s interest there, who knows? But I think the world is mean. We are desperate for each other’s stories. We’re desperate to connect in real ways. And it’s just so vanilla out there at the moment. It’s just so highly curated. And I’ve been in that world of sharing to market, and now I’m interested in sharing to connect again in really meaningful ways. And I am having a fun time exploring that. I have loads of stuff that I like to teach, and I’m sort of thinking about how to better share about the importance of those things and why I’m so passionate about them. And I know that storytelling is always going to be, it always has been, and it always will be a really big part of what I do. And I guess sometimes we have those moments in our lives where we realise that the story is big, but we are bigger and we’re always writing it. It’s always being written every single day. And it’s a beautiful thing to sit and reflect on life and write our story of it.

It really was definitely a gift for me. And I thank every woman who bought a ticket and I guess validated a really crazy outlandish idea that I could write a story and share it on stage, and people would come and buy a ticket and listen to it. And my only hope was just that it was going to have a really positive impact on them. So I am grateful. I am so grateful, and I hope to be able to bring this to more cities in Australia soon and sit on a chair somewhere near you and share harvest. But we’ll wait and see. There’s lots that’s been happening behind the scenes. This was just one aspect, and I hope you enjoyed the story of the story. Thanks for listening. I really do appreciate you being here.

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