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CwL Ep119 – A Spring Clean

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Last Spring Lisa was still under intense lockdown restrictions in her home in Melbourne (like so many people were in Australia and around the world) and while these restrictions have been gone for a while, Lisa didn’t feel like she returned back to her ‘normal’ self.

There is no doubt that this pandemic has changed so much, for most people, and the dust is still settling. Who are we, what do we REALLY want, what’s working, what isn’t?

Lisa has been doing lots of reflecting on these kinds of questions and feeling her way into how she wants to work as her family enters a new stage of life.

She explores all this in today’s episode and shares that she is offering her most popular program, Ready for Change, at a sale price, one last time. For three days only.

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Hey, it’s Lisa Corduff. Welcome to the podcast where you can expect inspiring raw, energising, and transformative conversations with people on the path of personal evolution. I’m here to really live my life. And if you are too, these conversations are just for you. I’m really glad you are here. Enjoy

It’s springtime. It actually really is. And spring, I don’t know about you and you might be, if you are watching this from the Northern hemisphere, might be heading into autumn or fall, depending on where you live. And I just really feel like spring feels different this year. I know I have had a few conversations with people lately where it’s been like, oh, this has felt like a really long, cold, wet winter here in here in Melbourne. Gee spring has finally sprung and we feel a little bit hopeful and a little bit recharged. And I was remembering because my birthday is also in September this time, last year, things weren’t feeling so great. I mean, spring 20, 21, oh, we were really in the thick of things. And it has just been a bit of a crazy ride since then. It’s been a really strange 12 months, and I know I’m not alone in that.

And I’ve shared quite a bit about that here, but, you know, in short, the start of the year felt really funky because we were coming out of, of lockdowns, but we were sort of still restricted in quite a few ways. And we were kind of thrilled to be in summer. And I can remember actually having a proper break from work and feeling like I really needed that month. And then I thought, that’s me done? Let’s go 2022. And that just did not happen. It was getting COVID. It was then getting really, really sick after that needing an iron infusion rolling sickness with the kids, you know, real like just feeling like this just is not shifting this feeling is not shifting. And then in the meantime, recognising that there was some kind of, of mental and emotional fatigue that I just, I hadn’t really recognised before in my life, as well as this very big awareness that I didn’t want to continue doing things as usual in my work, but kind of being in this creative purgatory, that felt freaking horrible because it was like, not that anymore, but I didn’t know what was coming.

And I also didn’t feel like things my normal creative energy was firing on all cylinders. It felt, it felt very scattered. It felt really painful actually. And I have had to do a lot of pruning. I’ve had to do a lot of getting really, really honest with myself. And that has been not super easy because when things are are working, when you particularly really enjoy doing things, it’s really hard to let go of them. And I’ve spoken about that many times before.

There’s something that’s happened to so many of us this last few years, and that is seeing things through new eyes. You know, we can’t see ourselves, our routines, the world in the same way because things changed. Things are actually always changing. It’s just that we had a really big fork in the road moment. Didn’t we as humans. And I can remember just sort of trying to keep on doing things in the way that I thought I should be doing things. And it just was not work. Things just felt sticky and gross. And I realised it’s because I was in a new place, but operating in a way that felt like I should be based on how I might have been working, creating in like 2019 or something, not going to be helpful. Get with the program. Lisa people have changed, you’ve changed the world’s changed.

And so I sort of had this realisation, but there was nothing there yet to replace it with. And I kind of pride myself on being someone with never ending ideas. And it wasn’t that I didn’t have some ideas. It was that I, I couldn’t execute on things in the way that I normally would because I just had no I needed to and just sort of be quiet, but this kind of work doesn’t necessarily allow for that. And well, the way that I used to work doesn’t really allow for that. And so I needed to get really honest with the, with myself. I put this big line, I put a big piece of butcher’s paper on the wall and there was a line in the middle and I wrote everything that was feeling really heavy, really heavy and hard and sticky, complicated. All of that went on one side and then the things that were really working well, went on another side. And so I actually, I had a visual of all the shit that I was just like, Ugh, all, all that stuff feels really hard and not working. It’s just not working. Right. And then on the other side, there were the things that did feel flowy, easy, fun, light working, they were working.

And then I had to get really honest about why those things that weren’t working were still happening. Why I was tolerating stuff, why I was continuing to have them in my life or do things a certain way when, how come wasn’t good. And when I saw them written up there for myself to see and be honest with, I started to make some changes. And from that point, things started to flow. Whoa, okay. Even though that does feel sticky right now, there’s actually, I can’t, I’m not going to burn that whole thing down or, you know, make some big, huge changes. I’m actually just going to change that element of it and that element of it. Or I can see that that’s not working, right. I’m going to see out this year or I’m going to put some boundaries around that. And then, and then there’s going to be a time it’s gone. And this is all sorts of things in my, in my life. And we get to do this inventory with ourselves anytime.

And we sort of forget, we sort of forget to take that bird’s eye view of ourselves. And so I realised very, very quickly that things were kind of keeping on rolling and they were keeping me busy, but wasn’t actually getting to the things that I wanted to get to in my work I needed to create space. I just, I just needed some space to figure things out. And that was really hard because when you are running a business, when you employ people, when you are the sole income for your family, it’s really, it’s actually not a fun feeling to think. I I’ve got nothing and I’m going to have to be okay with that. I’m going to have to try and make that work for myself and acknowledge and accept where I am right now. Maybe if I just do that instead of pushing against it, we’ll get there faster.

And so this period of creative purgatory, as I like to think of it right now was so hard. But unless I gave myself the space to really be in it and then put some certain things to the side for a while and have the space for it, I was just going to keep spinning up wheels. I needed less complication. I needed less on Lisa. And so it might look like I’ve been showing up in very meaningful ways. <Laugh> and I’ve kept things rolling, but really this year has been an actual shutting down of everything that I’ve ever created. I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but I, I can’t go back and I want to go back cause there’s things that I’ve created that are amazing and work so well, but I, I have to allow them to be done because I want one place, one expression of me, one community.

And I know now that’s in the change room, that new program, which will be being built out further is the culmination of literally 10 years online, working in behaviour change for years before that it’s all of the experiences of my life. It is rich and delicious and my sole focus and I need that right now. I need one place, a place to play a place to build community again, but I can’t be scattered. You might not be aware, but there’s been times I’ve been, you know, in charge of hosting multiple Facebook groups, a membership, a mastermind group, coaching, a program, Facebook group. I mean it was just constant pinging, constant tagging, constant feeling like I could just never switch off and that’s fine until it’s not fine anymore. I can’t work. I just, I, I literally don’t know how to bring that anymore, but I still really love working with women. I love showing up online. I love creating learning experiences. I love speaking to experts who just know so much. One of the things I’ve honestly, always thought that I’m best at. If I was to pat myself on the back for something is actually being a conduit.

People follow me. You listen to me here. And like the way that I might say things, or I might approach things, or maybe you resonate with aspects of my story. And so we’ve got this connection and then I can introduce you to people who are awesome, who could take you on a totally different tangent. I love being that conduit. I have always done that ever since I can remember my very first program, small steps to whole foods was basically just me curating content that from the experts who were in that program, don’t claim to be some sort of expert on things I’ve never wanted to position myself as that. I’m just learning like everybody else is fumbling my way, gifting myself, grace, as I do that, which is I think the thing that more of us could probably try at, but I realised through this creative process and through the creation of the change room, that it’s something I’m so passionate about.

And there’s so many innovative ways that we are incorporating into that particular. Well, I guess it’s like a brand that will genuinely help women create the shifts that they seek in their life. That it means a reworking of everything else and a letting go of things that I created years. And one of those things is my ready for change program. Now that would probably be one of my proudest creations because it has helped thousands and thousands of women and it gets them results. It changes you, you, you cannot go through that program and not experience a shift. And the things that I teach in that program, I, I think every single human on the planet should understand, but I can’t run it the way that I used to. And so this spring feels different because this spring I’m actually clearing stuff out. We’re having a spring clean sale and I wanted to give you the chance to get ready for change the self study version of ready for change, but I will be supporting you via some live calls along with the most ridiculous amount of expert trainings that I have been just so blessed to create curate over the years.

These are guests who’ve been in my programs and in all sorts of different capacities on all sorts of different topics that just provide a level of education that is so broad, but also specific to the issues that I know women struggle with all the time. These are the cream of the crop trainings over a range of different areas, honestly, it’s and I’m clearing them out. They, I have, I have shut down my live, the change program, which was a six month group coaching program. And each month we’d get in an expert and I’ve been doing this four years and the best of the bunch has been collated in a bundle for you along with ready for change at a ridiculous price. And it’s like a, it’s like, you know, blowing up a balloon and having a helium balloon and then just letting it go beauty. And the magic in that program is real. And it’s also time to let it go.

It’s time to reimagine that content or that, that particular topic area, which is basically like, it’s just going, give you the exact answer as to why you stay stuck, repeating patterns. You need to understand how your subconscious is playing a role in everything that you do. When you know that it’s like, holy, what, what have I been doing this whole time? Why have I been so hard on myself? We, we collect all these stories throughout our life, who we are what’s possible for us. What’s true. And mostly they’re just stories when you can actually start to spot them.

It’s like switching the lights on and then everything changes. It’s a phenomenal program and it is a part of a spring clean sale. Along with this bundle of most exceptional expert trainings, you can just binge watch that and change so many different areas of your life. I’m a person who has always paid experts to be in my program. A lot of people have guests come in their programs and they don’t pay them. These are people who were paid to deliver trainings on their expertise that legitimately blew our minds and you can get access to them in this sale. Spring feels different. There is new energy coming in.

Things feel sweeter. It feels like winter has lasted a lot longer than just the winter months. I feel like this year was a winter in my heart, in my brain, and it’s taken a while to get to this place. And I’m okay with that. It needed to be whatever it was, but GE it’s nice. It’s like that feeling of sunshine on your face. And I want that for all of us. If you have, if you are still feeling really stuck this year, it’s been really, really hard. This bundle is going to offer you so much, so many practical tools that you can apply a method that you’ll go ahead and use for the rest of your life and teach everybody, you know, really simple framework for you to follow four steps, to spot the stories, call BS on them and then create new ones that actually serve you and take you forward.

I feel like I have to say, sorry that I can’t continue doing things in the same way, but that’s ridiculous. We don’t have to apologise when we decide to change. When we set a boundary, when we protect ourselves, when we create working habits and lifestyle habits that are suitable for where we’re at right now and where we’re at right now is different to where we used to be. We’re always evolving, but you have permission to do that. It was hard for me to give myself permission to do that. I mean, why stop something that’s working? I just, you know, I wish I knew, but sometimes we’ve just got to follow our instincts, create space for something even better to come through.

And while ready for change was my proudest creation. Without doubt, the change room is next level, but I don’t want you to miss out on ready for change if that has ever called you. And you’ve put it off. Maybe you are actually just hearing about it for the first time, because I haven’t properly launched it since October last year. That was the last time we ran a live round. Maybe it was September. I can’t remember. I mean, what was that? I’ve given myself permission to allow new things, to give myself the space, to figure it out. You get to give yourself permission to do that too. And if ready for change has ever called you, I promise you will not regret it from all of the times that we’ve run that program and the people who have access to it, thousands, I would say, you know, refund requests are always a thing.

Always have their reasons. And we have a very I’ve. I, I am really sort of insistent on having a, a good refund policy because I know that people can find it a bit scary to buy things online. Totally get it always been quite generous in that respect. I mean, I would say under 10 refund requests over the years, it’s really an exceptional program. And I wish I could just keep rolling it out. Rolling it out, rolling it out. But sometimes we have to let go of things in order to create room, oh, get the spring clean bundle. You will not regret it. See you next week. Oh, before you go. The spring clean sale lasts three days, saws, not long at all. So make sure you click the link below and go and check out all the details so that you don’t miss out on getting access to this life changing program and the most ridiculous library of expert trainings you could imagine, or for a super low price, three days only go for it. Hey, if you are enjoying the conversation, then it would mean the world. To me. If you head over to iTunes and give us a rating and review, it really makes a difference. And it’s my intention to get as many of us involved in real conversations that really change the game as possible. Thanks so much for your help. And I’ll see you in the next episode.

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