Tech Freedom

Are you spending too much time on your smartphone? 

Feel like you’re scrolling your life away?

This step by step program will show you how to break your smartphone’s hold over you, rewrite your relationship with technology, and regain control of your time.

(And nope, you don’t need to give up your fave devices or Instagram forever. Far from it. This is about finding a mindful, sustainable balance that works for you — hooray!)

In this short course, you’ll learn:

  • How our neural pathways have become wired to make us reliant on our phones — and the genius hacks to rapidly reset those pathways
  • Setting yourself up for digital success using the power of ‘Choice Architecture’ (Sounds fancy, but it’s super simple — and super effective! — when you know how)
  • Caught yourself in a sinkhole of scrolling? The #1 strategy to shift out of it, FAST.
  • The secret to successful social media habits (including the ‘why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-earlier’ hack that made SUCH a difference in my daily life)
  • 5 things to do instead of reaching for your phone (plus: What are you REALLY craving when you feel the urge to scroll?)
  • Plus so much more