Get (The Right!) Shit Done

You’ve got goals you want to hit and dreams you want to chase… But how are you meant to make any progress on them when you can barely keep up with all the laundry / housework / school runs?!

Enter this powerful one-hour workshop, which shows you how to prioritise the stuff that matters to you and do less of the stuff that doesn’t.

(If you feel like you’re not living up to your true potential, or that there’s no room in your life for *you*, then this workshop is a game-changer.)

You’ll learn:

  • The myths of modern motherhood that are setting us up for disappointment (and how embracing imperfection is the pathway to true freedom)
  • Why it’s okay — in fact, CRUCIAL — to disappoint others in order to not disappoint yourself
  • Genius strategies for creating more space in your life and getting tasks off your plate (including the exact steps I’ve implemented since my kids were little)
  • The smart-AF scheduling strategy that will ensure you’ve got time in your life for YOU
  • How to make sure you’re not accidentally reinforcing the exact things you DON’T want in your life. (So many people fall into this trap — but not you!)