Friday 3rd May, 12pm AEST

Why I created a Membership site (and whether it’s right for you)


The reality of online business is not all ‘laptop lifestyle’ and lattes with friends.

No matter how it’s sold to you, it’s just like any business - there’s a lot to learn, a lot of responsibility and cashflow can be a problem.

For me, one thing is for sure…

Launching my Membership program was an absolute game-changer.

It has given me:

- Consistent revenue so that I can hire staff, be creative and plan ahead!
- A way to deliver content that gets results for Members. Instead of slamming them with info over a set few weeks/months in a program, in the Membership they implement as we go.
- Job satisfaction. Big time.

But successful Memberships don’t just happen. If only!

Perhaps you are wondering if a Membership would work for you? Or if your current Membership is working at it’s best?

Now with over one thousand members - the Small Steps Living Membership is the heart beat of my business and I’m sharing all my learnings with you in a FREE one hour Workshop so that you can create or scale a Membership of your own.

This Workshop is for you if:

You are a coach or consultant looking to leverage your expertise with a bigger client base.

You run online programs and struggle with the ‘boom bust’ revenue cycle.

You have a membership, it’s growth has stalled and you need ideas on how to make it as life-changing as you know it could be!

You are a blogger looking to create a reliable revenue stream from your knowledge.

I'll cover:

  • How and WHY I began my membership with no public launches to a very warm audience.

  • Why I never wanted to start a Membership (I bet you have the same concerns!)

  • The three things my Membership will NEVER be without!

  • How I plan content months in advance - including how much time I spend creating content each month.

  • My favourite and most successful way to launch the Membership and where to learn the step-by-step formula.

  • The #1 reason people cancel Memberships (and how to make sure this doesn’t happen to you!)


Friday 3rd May, 12pm AEST