Ep 2: Meet Your CoHost – Karly Nimmo

Karly shares her journey from depression and anxiety to figuring out who she really is. From
overnight successes to soul-crushing failures and moments where she was ready to give up, it has
been a wild journey but doing it in good company provided her with a centre in the storm.

Show Notes

05:37 – Starting a successful voiceover agency, and how advice transformed Karly’s business
09:22 – From figuring out her purpose to opening a co-working space to financial failure
13:22 – How Karly realised she had a choice, but needed the universe to meet her halfway
16:20 – A year of resentment, disappointment, heartache and rejection
21:23 – The overnight success of Karlosophies and another downward spiral
23:51 – How Karly was ready to give up, and another conversation with the universe
26:45 – Why your purpose doesn’t need to be complicated
28:05 – How being on this wild journey in good company makes life a whole lot better



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