KBR Ep 38: School Holidays Got Me Like…

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Are you a parent and a business owner? If so, you probably feel the ‘school holiday effect’ hard. In this episode, Lisa digs into her guilt and overwhelm free approach to enjoying the school holidays and keeping her business ticking along.

Summary of Key Points

  • What do you need to be able to enjoy the school holidays? Whatever that is, it is okay for you to have it! Kid’s not keen on going to a school holiday program? It’s okay to send them anyway. Need to get away for a few days for some adventure (and to break the monotony)? Make it happen.
  • There is so much flexibility and choice when working for yourself. Was that part of the reason you became a business owner – so you could enjoy these moments with your kids? Are you running your business in a way that allows for that?
  • It’s easy to roll along focused on the hard bits. Can you challenge yourself to find what there is to be grateful for?

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