KBR Ep 27: The Most Damaging Words in Your Biz Vocabulary

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Lisa is serious about you getting out of your own way (!), and after seeing a thread in a Facebook group she was inspired to record this episode to bust some mental roadblocks. There are some things we say, perhaps without even thinking, that keep us stuck and frustrated. Listen in to see if you’re doing this and get Lisa’s tips for moving past it.

Show Notes:

1:31 Amazing things can happen when you stop saying these words.

2:20 The Facebook group thread that drove Lisa nuts.

4:03 Ask yourself these questions when you hear yourself ‘can’t-ing’.

5:05 What you can say instead.

5:59 Lisa loves busting people through this barrier.

9:06 Hear about Lisa’s limited group coaching spots in a program running for five weeks in May.


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  1. Karen Jones on April 22, 2019 at 11:09 pm

    Great Lisa. I was so in that space a few weeks ago when I started trying to make a video! I really want to be able to make great videos.But I was really devastated. I worked hard, researched it all, and on the day, mucked it up so badly! But you have really helped me with changing my attitude.
    BTW, couldn’t hear the fridge or sirens. Sound was great.

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