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If you’re growing your business, at some point you’ll need to hire some awesome people to help you out. But which people do you need? And how do you really know they’re awesome? Whether you’ve already made a few hires or you feel like that mountain is still a long way off in the distance, Lisa and Theresa Loe have so much gold for you in this episode.

Show Notes:

0:32 Lisa introduces, Theresa Loe, and provides some background on how they came to be friends.

1:57 Theresa shares her background in tv production and her move from teaching people how to grow and can their own food to teaching them how to grow an a-list team.

6:22 Theresa and Lisa chat about the impact having a solid team can have on the visionary entrepreneur.

10:20 The common mistake everyone makes when hiring for their online business – and how to avoid it.

14:48 Lisa how it felt to outsource her inbox management for the first time

16:11 How to nail down the core values you’re looking for and how to test for the right characteristics.

21:25 Giving responsibility over giving tasks – Theresa talks through her strategy for empowering employees and creating a business that can tick over while you take a break.

25:28 Trust, mistakes and the safeguards you need in case someone crashes the bus.

28:33 The beauty of systems within teams and a simple system-creation hack for visionary types.

36:16 What leadership style are you and how does that impact your business?

44:11 When building a team feels secondary to launching and webinars and showing up, think about this.

49:18 Theresa’s tool Team Readiness Assessment will help you figure out what you could get help with in your business and what skill level you need to be hiring. It’s free and available at


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