KBR Ep 19: Rattle the Cage

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Today’s episode is so quick, you might want to have your cuppa ready before you press play. Lisa brings you the importance of unapologetically standing for something, AND making some noise about it. She wants you to ruffle a few feathers with your marketing by sharing your unique take on things – assertively! Sound scary? Listen on for all the motivation you need to face your fear and get rattling.

Show Notes:

0:31 What Lisa loves about Monday’s.

0:56 Lisa sets a simple but potentially uncomfortable task for you.

2:02 Why we need to be making noise and not playing it safe.

3:19 Lisa asks the questions you need to be finding the answers to.

4:32 Put pen to paper so that his podcast episode continues on your side of the player.

5:30 An invitation to share your cage rattling with Lisa.


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