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CwL Ep 6: The Shake-Down Year – A conversation with Lisa Carpenter

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\Lisa Carpenter and I take this opportunity to banter, dissect, and attempt to pull out the biggest lessons so that you can learn from them too.

It’s been a big one for me in a million ways and I want to take this moment to say thank you to you for being part of this community. Being in conversation with YOU is one of the most enjoyable and privileged aspects of my life. 

I don’t take your presence lightly and I hope that we can all rise into 2020 with peace, power and purpose. 

I believe in you. I believe in the collective rising of women. 

Key takeaways:

  • The key to being okay is to really know and take responsibility for the fact that no one else can take care of you the way you can take care of yourself. 
  • You can navigate the fine line of caring deeply whilst remaining unattached. 
  • Trusting that things are going to work out better than you ever could have imagined is harder than living in your frustration and trying too hard.

About Lisa Carpenter

Lisa Carpenter uses her blindspot-busting gifts to help other rising women get out of their own way and matter in their own lives. With nearly 20 years of coaching experience and an extensive background in nutrition and fitness, Lisa brings a unique combination of coaching to her clients helping them claim a relationship in their lives, businesses or bodies free of stress, struggle and frustration.

Her work acknowledges the deep connection between our behaviours and our emotions helping her clients experience freedom from the constraints of societal beliefs that include dieting, hard work and sacrifice.  Her own personal family journey with addiction plays a role in her teachings as so often unhealthy behaviours are caused in an effort to numb out the emotions we don’t want to feel.

Connect with Lisa Carpenter on her website and Instagram.

Resources and Links:

Song: As The Days Go By | Daryl Braithwaite

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