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CwL Ep123 – The Survey on Women 2022 is here!

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The data is rolling in from Lisa’s Survey on Women 2022 and the results are fascinating!

It’s been clear for a while that the last few years had a massive impact on women everywhere and there was some interesting data collected throughout lockdowns but where are we now?

What’s changed?

As women – where are we lacking support? How are we spending our free time? How satisfied are we with our sex lives and just how tired are we?

Listen in as Lisa shares some preliminary findings.
And make sure you have your say!

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Hey, it’s Lisa Corduff. Welcome to the podcast where you can expect inspiring, raw, energising, and transformative conversations with people on the path of personal evolution. I’m here to really live my life, and if you are too, these conversations are just for you. I’m really glad you are here. Enjoy.

Hey there, welcome to another episode of the podcast. And I am really terribly sorry if you lost this podcast we had to change over our host of the podcast. And it’s meant that that for some of you on some of your podcast apps you just haven’t been seeing the new episodes, which is a good thing because it means you’ve got a lot to binge listen to. But also I very much apologise for not knowing that this was happening. And if you missed your regular hit, then rest assured we have details in the show notes to make sure that you have this covered ongoing from now on in case you’ve come across this on a different podcast app and you want to get back to yours, we’ll make it happen. So that being said, I just wanted to give you a little update because I launched a really interesting survey.
A few, well, a little while ago. I have some data now. The data is rolling in. We have had so many people respond to it. If you haven’t yet, please, even while you’re listening to this, head to lisa and make sure your voice is added to this survey on women. The reason why I did this, there’s a few reasons. I’m a very curious person, would probably be the first reason. I don’t, I haven’t seen much data also coming out about where women are at in areas that actually are really important to us as women since kind of the pandemic. There was some stuff. And since then, I just feel like, why, why aren’t we talking a little bit more about the continued depletion that so many women are feeling? Where’s that coming from? What’s the cause of it? Do people know what to do about it and they’re just not doing it?
Or are we generally confused? So really just the chance to actually get a little bit of a snapshot and be able to share meaningful data about where women are at. That’s why it’s really important we get as many voices as possible into this survey. And it’s also very lucky that I’m going out with someone who’s super into data and making it all make sense because the stuff that we are digging into and finding out is it’s really, really interesting and I wait to share it with you. But also, I mean for definitely for some selfish reasons, I think I want to know how to do my job better. I want to know about podcast guests to, to bring on here as I get actually back in conversation with people again. Like, where are we at? What do we want to know? Like, am I just feeling these things or is everyone feeling these things or, you know, it just, it’s, it really helps, It will help inform some of my content moving forward because I think sometimes I can sit here and assume .
I talk to people, I talk to people a lot. I appreciate every single interaction that I have on, on social media. I mean, I know that there’s a lot of people who ha you know, have have social media pages and other people manage that for them and, and communicate as them on other people’s posts. And you know, a building up interaction in a, in a really, well, I mean, you know, in a very businesslike way, it’s, it’s smart, but I’m so old school and I still do all my own social media , which is why it’s not super strategic. But I, I show up there because I like sharing and I like interacting and conversing and learning and also building community. And, and it’s so, so interesting. The stuff that comes up, the things that people are resonating with right now, they might not have a little while ago, or things that were easy talking subjects, people like me, whatevs, moving on.
It’s, it’s honestly, it’s just such a really interesting time also coupled with the fact that I mean those, those platforms are really changing a lot and it’s, it’s sort of harder and harder organically to be seen. So anytime that you do throw a, a like, or a comment or a love heart or whatever it is, it’s really appreciated. It gives me information. And and also just connection, which I love. So on top of that, I’ve actually decided to create a community space for the women inside the change room. And I’ll be announcing more details of that soon. But I really want that community space to be the most valuable and usable sort of practical transformative space for women. And I’m looking at, cuz the point of the change room is to try stuff on to just see how new things fit, how they feel.
It’s like sort of a bit about stripping off what’s not working and then try new things on without the pressure of it having to be like the cure to end all of your lifestyle woes, it’s like you can go somewhere, you can enter the change room and feel really different on the other side and it’s, it’s three months. We will be opening the doors to that again soon. And but I, I sort of missed the connection with people inside the change room. We absolutely had epic live calls and there’s fortnightly q and a audios that were very, very juicy answering people’s questions and sharing their wins. It’s been an extraordinary experience and I’ve received such amazing feedback from the change room, but I reckon we do better as a, as a crew and that there’s extra that’s added when we can be with like-minded people doing similar things, sharing sort of similar values around how to create meaningful change and not being hard on ourselves and not having it be a group run by a man and or a particularly, you know, masculine embodied woman who, you know, is just all about how much she can get done.
Oh God, I’m so , that sort of thing. And, and so for me getting this survey done, it’s really going to help me be able to craft out new things to try on. And while the results are telling such an interesting story so far, really it’s, it’s absolutely fascinating and I literally cannot wait to start creating and start supporting women in these areas where, whoa, it’s like, oh, you’ll see when I share the data with you. It’ll become really, really obvious how not alone so many of us are with particular areas of our lives and, and what’s kind of stopping us being able to move forward with things. I mean, it, it’ll blow your mind and it really does make me cross sometimes a lot of the things that I see online or, you know, see solutions for certain things, you know, feeling healthier or fitter or, I don’t know, living your best life kind of vibe, which is all a little bit, you know, vomit mouth sometimes. It sort of doesn’t account for the very, very real load that is crippling a lot of women.
And, and the, and the data in this survey shows that it’s not that we don’t know. It’s like it’s that I have no capacity to make the changes or, you know, I’ve tried things before and my overwhelm is the thing that is getting in the way. And we’ve normalised overwhelm we have, and without a doubt, like there’s actual real tangible reasons why we feel this and every woman is different and is living different circumstances. But I do feel that anything that assumes a whole stack of time or head space to be able to create changes speaks over the reality of most women. Most women don’t have time to scratch themselves and most women are occupied with thoughts of the people that they love.
You know, their health, their fitness, their happiness, their success. And that’s cool. Of course we spend time thinking about the people that we love, but at some point we have to turn the spotlight back on ourselves and take care of ourselves too. And I think that’s sort of what I’m a little bit obsessed with, what keeps women from doing that. And I’ve actually put together a new workshop that you are invited to get registered for. It’s going to be live and I’m going to be detailing some of the, the data that I’ve collected from this survey. And then also giving some really practical things that you can start doing straight away to kind of interrupt that overwhelm pattern because life sort of, it’s just going to keep on going at this same level. And I know like talking to friends and even just the way I was feeling earlier this year was like far out. We’re all, we’re back to it and I got nothing. I got nothing.
I can’t take a deep breath and feel full. I can’t it. That’s not, something’s not right here. And I think that if you feel like that you are really not alone. That data is literally showing that you’re not alone and it’s real. The restrictions to your time and your ability to look outside of just what, what is occupying you day in and day out. But I stand for us and am quietly obsessed with all the ways we can amongst this create a little bit of space for ourself. If you haven’t done room to breathe, that five day audio series has some really, really great simple ideas, strategies for you to just build in some breathing room in your life. And I’ll put put those details in the show notes too, because I just don’t think we have to keep feeling this way. That workshop is going to be really juicy and I would love for you to register for that.
We’ll send a replay to you if you can’t make it at the time that it’s live. But it’s always so much more fun live cause then I don’t feel like I’m talking to an empty void. , come and party with me. And thank you. If you have completed the survey, it’ll help me do my job better. But I also want to share this information that I’m learning about us. I think it’s validating. I think it’s really nice to know, ah, like don’t you reckon? It’s sort of nice to know, ah, I’m normal. What is interesting to me though, a more interesting question to me though, is what have we normalised that’s not actually normal?
Fascinating. I mean, you should see the information that’s coming through about people’s sexual satisfaction that is illuminating as is the boundaries information, Oh, and the stuff on support, mind blowing, mind blowing. Get your voice heard in this survey. Do it right now before you forget and, you know, be a part of this snapshot of where women are at right now in October, 2022. It’s totally anonymous and you don’t have to offer your email address to do it. So that being the case, if there’s women that you know, or if you have a, a Facebook page or a Facebook group or an Instagram account or anything like that, it would be amazing for you to share this so we can get as representative, a voice of women as possible. Thank you. I appreciate you and I’ll see you next week.

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