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Free Audio Series for you

How would it feel

To get some breathing room back in your life?

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It’s free!

Lady, I know how overloaded you’re feeling.

And I know how hard you’re trying.

It feels like ‘something’s gotta give’ —
But what? And how?!

You want to change some stuff, figure things out, learn how to manage #life better…

But the thought of finding the time to do ANYTHING that might help — read a book, “do a workshop”, focus on *whatever* for more than 10 minutes…

… it can all just feel like too much. Even when you *know* you need an ‘aha’, a lightning bolt, someone to make things mentally ‘click into place’ for you.



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I've created a mini audio series (totally free). Think of it like a private podcast.

Over five days, I’ll be dropping five audio tracks, each one outlining a simple but potent reframe that will help you claim back some (bloody!) breathing room in your life, and see where the cracks and openings might be to make some shifts where previously it’s felt like you’ve been hitting your head against the same brick wall.

It works like this:

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Pop your details in the box on this page

You'll then get an email confirming you're in with details on how to access the private podcast feed.

After you have activatived the first of 5 audios will appear direct on your phone, in your podcast app.

Then you’ll get 5 audios over that week — all 5-10 minutes in length, listen whenever and wherever suits you, all stacked with simple suggestions that actually feel doable in your life.

I can promise you this:

you’ll look forward to listening.


Even just the act of pressing play and tuning in will feel like an act of giving to yourself.

And the 5 simple strategies I’ll be sharing over the 5 days WILL help you see your life in a different way and find possibilities where before there were none.

What do you say — join me?

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About me

Lisa Corduff


Hey! I’m Lisa. I’m a Solo Mum of 3, Business Owner, Podcaster, and Writer. I’ve worked with women for the past ten years to help them get unstuck and create real, lasting change in their lives. I’m all about simple, uncomplicated, DOABLE stuff, because that’s what freaking works. If that sounds good to you too, you’re in the right place, and I’m so glad you’re here.

Stop feeling like you’re always scrambling and stretched too thin.

If having more breathing room and more *ease* in your life would feel like a freaking miracle right now, this is for you.


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