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Exciting opportunities exist to partner your brand with Lisa Corduff, and her podcast;



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If you’re looking for effective grassroots marketing to a highly engaged audience of women we are looking to build mutually beneficial partnerships with you!


Lisa has an audience of predominantly Australian women, aged between 35-55.

  • Mostly mothers of young kids and teens; combining work and parenting.
  • Interested in personal growth and development.
  • Wholesome living, reducing overwhelm, simplifying their lives, managing the juggle of work and parenting.
  • Invested in family health and wellness, simple living and reducing stress.

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Followers: 50,546

Reach last 28 days: 469,631 (organic)

Gender: 98.4% women

Age: 46.3% 35-44
          36.3% 45-54


Followers: 15,150

Reach last 28 days: 1,817,743 (organic)

Conversations with Lisa Podcast

First week podcast listens: 28,565

First month podcast listens:48,080

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Since 2016 over 10,000 women have enrolled in Lisa’s paid programs. And many of her audience buy everything she creates. These are not just followers, but customers. And they are hungry for everything and anything she creates or endorses.

Lisa has developed the kind of trust amongst a long-term, loyal following that has value beyond measure and we can’t wait to chat about how we can translate that to your brand.

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