The last few years have been extra tough on mums…


The world is changing so fast, there’s a lot to get our heads around, and yet… there’s still lunchboxes to pack, washing to stay on top of, and probably the biggest job of all — tending to the emotional, mental and physical needs of our kids in this weird moment in time.

… And that’s before we’ve factored in anything for us!

Lisa Corduff - Mother's Day Special Offer
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You are carrying so much, lady.

The people you love most in the world can simultaneously make your heart burst with joy, and bring you to your knees in frustration and overwhelm.

You’re the linchpin of your household, and sometimes that feels really heavy.

You’re actually rather extraordinary in your ability to manage so much, but wow — we all have our limits!

Lately, I’ve been taking a
birds eye view of my life and

I’d like to help you do the same this Mothers Day.

Let’s come together and reimagine our motherhood story for an hour.

Let’s take a moment to fully breathe into all you are and invite in a gentle shift.

A shift that allows more for you, the woman, the creator of the life you’re living.

A shift towards space and ease and acceptance…

… A shift towards feeling more alive.

Come join me for a conversation


Listen, this is not going to be a powerpoint presentation!

This will be me, Lisa (probably in tracky pants, in her half-cleaned bedroom, with kids downstairs who will hopefully not interrupt us!) with arms wide open to welcome you into a nourishing — and practical — hour long conversation.

When: Thursday 5th May

Time: 8pm AEST

Cost: FREE

Come along


I’ll be sipping on peppermint tea. You bring a drink of your choice and be taken care of for an hour. Let me nurture you.

I promise you’ll leave feeling truly seen, reminded that you’re not alone, and like you’ve just had the biggest, deepest, sweetest exhale…

Pop your name in below, and I’ll save you a seat.

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