My Tribe Bonus!

If you are looking to grow and scale an online business there’s a million reasons why you should consider creating a Membership!

But if you’re like me - the thought of running a program with no end date, that relies on new content created monthly and a community that you need to motivate and educate makes you squirm!

I get it.

I had a lot of resistance around creating a membership program BUT the opportunity to:
- create an opportunity for Members to achieve real transformation and
- receive recurring revenue so I can plan ahead, hire staff and do more of the fun stuff in my business…

…well, those things got me over the line.

And I’m so glad I started. My membership is the biggest revenue earner for my business AND it’s the place I get most joy - because it helps women change their lives.

My first Membership was a mishmash - there was very little strategy and members drifted away.

Until I joined Tribe, I had no roadmap or understanding of how to provide the transformations I wanted for my members and exactly how to promote to the right people.

Tribe taught me everything about Memberships - AND a stack more (not even kidding - it’s one of only two courses I recommend - the value is incredible).

Do not go past the opportunity to learn from the Master when it comes to Membership programs.

As a proud affiliate of Tribe I want to help you reach your membership goals - so I’ve put together a super valuable bonus package for you!

BONUS #1 (Value $997)

3 x Live Group Coaching Calls with me 

This is a chance for you to ask me your questions directly - for us to jam on ideas for your business and it all happens live.

Completed via zoom you can ask me anything about my business, your business and we can move you through any ‘stuckness’ so you can put what you learn in Tribe into practice.

I can be pretty motivating … so get set for taking ACTION.

BONUS #2 (Value $497)

My high converting webinar slide template

It has taken me YEARS to craft of the perfect webinar - and I’m giving you the template of exactly how I do it!

Imagine that - a plug and play webinar template for you to use to convert sales easily and without ‘ick’ via webinar. Webinars are still the best way for me to connect with an audience in an authentic and meaningful way.

BONUS #3 (Value $497)

The complete email sequence template that I used for my biggest launch ever.

I break down which emails go to who and when and a description of what I say.

Simply take this template and apply to your next launch. How much easier would it make your life to have all this mapped out and READY TO GO?

That’s $1,991 worth of bonuses!

(and a whole stack of priceless motivation from me)

I can’t wait to meet you, if you are interested in taking your business to the next level, or even if you’re only just getting started.

Stu's program is worth every penny - I refer back to it ALL THE TIME!

Please note you must use this link to purchase in order to claim your bonuses. Email me your confirmation email from Stu and we'll be in touch about these bonuses!

Here's some feedback from the recent workshop I held about memberships:

"Oh Lisa, what have you done!!! It's 3am and I'm still awake with my brain buzzing but I think I've FINALLY found what I am meant to be doing and now have a model of how it could work."

"I know you get a ton of emails but I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic workshop you delivered. I've just watched the replay in UK time and the content was so valuable. "

"Thank you Lisa! So much value and insight into memberships and business in general.
I will be checking out Tribe!"

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