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Lisa & Sigrun

Sigrun joined me for a Q& A session. Watch the replay, and check out details of my bonus below.

If you have been guessing about what it really takes to grow your online business,

If you wonder how some people get amazing results and yours are lacking,

If you’re someone who is busting for a roadmap on how to put all the moving pieces of an online business together …

Jump into Sigrun’s signature program and you join a community of go-getters seeing amazing results.

As a proud affiliate of the program I want to help you reach your business goals - so I’ve put together some resources to help you achieve them.

Let's take you further than you thought possible!

Here's what you get:

3 x LIVE Group Coaching Sessions (value $1,200)

I love nothing more than creating relationships with high-performance female entrepreneurs and helping them bust through to their next level.

I help women with:

-     Creating the foundations of an online business by turning an idea or passion into a solid business concept (sometimes the path isn’t clear when you’re too close to your stuff!)

-     Tweaking product offers and marketing - often it’s the only thing between a successful and a lackluster launch.

-     Spotting blindspots and mindset blocks that are halting your growth.

I want to get to know YOU and assist with business, marketing and mindset strategies. The best way to do that is via live coaching!

This is where we meet as an intimate group on Zoom for 90-minutes of jamming on your business. This is personal, high-touch and impossible to get outside my Breakthrough Mastermind.

Let’s get personal!

These sessions will be held over 3 months on:

Session One: Wednesday 20th Feb - 12pm AEDT
Session Two: Monday 18th March - 10am AEDT
Session Three: Wednesday 22nd May - 10am AEDT

Keeping Video Real (value $497)

The ultimate guide for growing your business with videos that are authentic, engaging - and make sales.

In my signature comprehensive online training program I walk you through my R.E.A.L system for effective video marketing.It’ll help you move through tech troubles and/or fear of visibility, so you can connect with your audience and sell with ease (whether it’s an on-the-fly Facebook Live or a pre-prepared webinar).

There’s four modules, designed to get you from basic video creation, to confidently selling on screen. We’ll talk about how to record good quality video with nothing but a smartphone, how to ensure your videos are really conveying your message, how to grow your audience - and more.

KVR will set you apart from your competitors teaching you valuable marketing and copywriting hacks that can be applied through all areas of your business.


PLUS A curated selection of Expert Interviews on the Power of Story-telling, Looking Pro and Moving through Visibility Blocks will take you from stabbing in the dark on socials to confident positioning and brand recognition. (Value $800)

That’s $1,697 worth of bonuses!

(and a whole stack of priceless motivation from me)

I can’t wait to meet you!

Click above to join and be sure to forward me a copy of your receipt once you purchase, and we'll organise your access to your bonuses.

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