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Let’s Reset!

5 No-BS Ways To Feel Better Fast

(for anyone who’s felt suckerpunched by 2020 and wants to start fresh


Lady, there is SO much going on right now...

If you’re in Melbourne (like me), you might be feeling ALL THE FEELS. Maybe even a bit broken or desperate...

And if you’re somewhere else (a.k.a. not in lockdown), you’re likely still feeling the residue and exhaustion of these past few months, and the weird uncertainty about what lies ahead...

Whatever your situation, I think we can all agree: we’re collectively in need of a reset...

… So let’s do it together!

Here’s how it works:

I’m going to share 5 tools with you that will help you draw a line in the sand on the stress and overwhelm of the past few months, start reclaiming your headspace, and (dare I say it)... even start feeling good again.

I’ll send them straight to your inbox (because let’s make it easy!), and they’re all super simple and achievable. 

Most importantly of all, they WORK. They’re the exact tools that got me through last year, when I went through a marriage separation, becoming a solo-parent, and then the shocking death of my husband, all in the space of eight months. 

Put simple, they’re what saved my butt when I thought I was DONE. 

And they’re what have been getting me through the rollercoaster of 2020 (and the 7 million days of lockdown, but who’s counting?!)

I can’t promise that these will be “in your inbox by 6am each day”, or even that they’ll arrive on 5 consecutive days. (Hello, solo-parent of three kids in lockdown! I’m being realistic here!) 

But I CAN promise that these tools will help you move the needle and climb out of your rut. So stick with me — every time you hear from me, it’ll be with a practical new tool to feel better. All completely free. Just pop your name in the box below, and I’ll hook you up.

Instant feel-goods? Yes please! 


Hi, I’m Lisa Corduff! I help women upgrade their mindset, get unstuck, and change the stuff that’s not working in their life.

Right now, I’m in lockdown in Melbourne, flying solo with my 3 little humans. I know that 2020 has been a fustercluck of a year for so many of us, but I’ve got tools that can help — and I want to share them with you! So let’s do this, lady!

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