Marketing Yourself Doesn’t Have To Be So Freaking Hard!

Learn 3 Powerful Techniques To Wow Your Audience & Share Your Work (Without Sounding Gross & Salesy)


If you’re passionate about your business, would love to make more of an impact (um, and income), but STRUGGLE to talk about yourself and your work, this FREE live webinar is for you...

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The biggest misconception people have about online marketing (and how this leads to low-energy launches and lacklustre sales)
  • How to create an offer that’s so irresistible (and does so much heavy lifting) you won’t even have to “market” it in the first place
  • Fries, Jeans and Journalism: the 3 core strategies that helped me build a highly engaged audience (of people I adore!) and reach $400k+ in revenue (doing work I absolutely LOVE)


January 2018 - Register your details and I'll be in touch once the date is set in the New Year