for something or someone to change.

Here’s why you’re feeling like this:

There’s no doubt that when our people and our homes and our work are all thriving, we feel good. But honestly, when are all those ducks ever lined up perfectly? The root cause of your overwhelm is that you are working so hard to make sure that everyone and everything around you is humming before you can take care of yourself. You are waiting for the right time to come when everything is OK.

You might be waiting for:

  • Your partner to be healthy and happy and thriving.
  • Your kids to be at an age where they are ‘sorted’.
  • Your work to calm the heck down or perhaps to get the recognition you deserve.
  • The reno or the move in order to have home feel like a sanctuary.
  • Or some extra time to arrive so you can do something (anything!) for yourself - without guilt or things falling down around you.

But let’s be honest, you could be waiting forever. You have no control over the people around you. You have no control over the world or local events. But there is so much you can do for yourself amongst it. Stop waiting to be saved and start saving yourself.

When we're WAITING, we:

  • Put our needs at the bottom of the pile - always. Everyone else gets taken care of and somewhere along the way, you forgot you even had needs!
  • Feel resentful towards the people around us who seem to be living their best life, when we are in a holding pattern.
  • Keep saying “I can be happy/ healthy/ fulfilled/ rested when…” and put off our own needs and desires - potentially forever!

10 simple steps to overcome WAITING and start reducing your overwhelm:


Add some activities just for YOU to the weekly family calendar FIRST! Then build everyone else’s stuff around you.


If you want to feel more supported around the house and the people around you aren’t pulling their weight - take some ACTION! Stop waiting for them to change and direct household budget towards doing the very real work that you are drowning amongst.  If you can’t afford help, look at sharing bulk cooking rounds with friends and neighbours or ask if any teens in the area are looking for ‘work experience’?.


Ask for help! Women are chronically bad at reaching out for support but I bet there’s someone out there who is more than willing to take some things off your plate. You’d be surprised what happens when you ask for help!


Go on a date with yourself! Start exploring what feels fun and joyous.


Ask yourself every morning ‘what do I need today to feel good’ and DO IT! Prioritise yourself!


Stop trying to get the whole house tidy and give yourself permission to focus on things that matter to you first.


Start saying no to extra requests or demands from others at work or home. You get to create boundaries. You do NOT have an endless source of energy.


Be responsible for your sleep! Are you always waking up tired because you have scrolled your phone too late or just procrastinated on getting to bed? No one else will tuck you in - that’s on you, lady! Set an alarm for when it’s sleep time and honour that precious body of yours.


Feel like you can’t afford to take a ‘big’ break? Take some mini-breaks during the day instead! Seriously, just a few minutes of deep breathing, stretching, or a brisk walk outside can do wonders. Incremental changes have the biggest impact to help you break out of that holding pattern.


Stop waiting for the knight in shining armour. You don’t need to be rescued - life isn’t a Disney film. Your your job is to manage your overwhelm. Staying in a state of waiting to be saved is stopping you from taking genuine steps to reduce it.

Lady, I see you…

LC Change Room Sales Illustrations V02-01

Trying so hard.
Holding everything together.

Grateful for what you have, but also wishing things were different… better… or at the very least, not so freaking tough.


I see you, and I know what that feels like, because I *am* you.

We've all been thrown some doozies in the past few years, right?

And we're all feeling varying degrees of over-stretched, overwhelmed, OVER IT.

The thing is, when the hits keep coming, and when you're already depleted, it's hard to find the time and space to focus on yourself - especially when there's SO MUCH ELSE demanding our energy and attention.

With so many balls in the air and so many things on the to-do list, it's easy to just keep treading water - not going anywhere, stuck in survival mode, and unable to do any of the things that would actually change your situation and how you feel…

Then there's this

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LC Change Room Sales Illustrations V02-02

So, like, what if we said screw it, and just found our own way? A new way?

LC-Sales Page Mockup-18

Then there's this:

LC-Sales Page Mockup-65

Everything we're told about changing our habits and making our lives better - in books, podcasts, online courses, etc - always seems to make it:

  • Feel heavy and onerous. Like it's just another thing we need to squeeze into our schedule (or feel guilty about)
  • Be super complicated - when for so many of us, even just doing the basics can feel out of reach.
  • Ignore the very real pressures that women face and the mental load that we carry. (Yes, I'm sure we'd all love to run off to a tropical island and focus on nothing but our fitness / headspace / relationship, but COME ON!)
  • Make us feel like there's something wrong with US when whatever they've suggested doesn't work. (Um, thanks, bro.)
LC-Sales Page Mockup-41

Come join me in…


Three months of support to nail the basics, make upgrades to your life, and get the heck out of survival mode…

…while also being

When you're in a clothing store, the place you go to transform is the change room.

And the way you transform is by trying things on.

Is like that.

Except instead of trying on jeans and tee's, we're trying on new mindsets, behavioural tweaks, switch-ups in routine, habit swaps…

… basically, all the things that can make a real, genuine difference to how you feel everyday and to how your life feels overall.

And this is your invitation to join me…

So what do we do inside The Change Room?

Here's the nutshell version:

LC-Sales Page Mockup-42


We learn some
simple 'life tools'.

These are 'The Basics'. Literally. They're things (reframes, mindset shifts, questions to ask yourself) that are super simple, but can make a genuine difference to how you feel.


We apply them to different areas of our life.

You get to "try on" tiny changes to your habits, mindset and behaviour.


We take what fits -
and leave what doesn't.

You're in control here.

And when you find the stuff that's right for you?

My goodness it feels good.

The end result?

We transform.

You'll have made upgrades to your life that are small…



So not only will you feel better and get to (finally) shift out of survival mode, you can also trust yourself that these changes are going to *stick*.

(And that feeling alone is priceless.)

Then we move on to a different life area and do it all again the next fortnight -

stacking up these simple life upgrades, and seeing a real, genuine transformation in how we feel… and who we are.

LC-Sales Page Mockup 2-17

Sound good?

Let's break it down some more:

LC-Sales Page Mockup-43

We start with 'The Basics'...

In your wardrobe, 'the basics' are the things that make everything else work - the perfect jeans, the white tee, your fave knickers. These are the staples you rely on to feel great, and that you keep coming back to again and again.

In The Change Room, we've got the equivalent - 6 'basic' concepts that, when you apply them to your life, can make a massive difference to how you feel. Yet weirdly, because they're so simple and so NOT complicated, so many of us overlook them!

LC-Sales Page Mockup V02-11

There are
6 'Basics' -

I walk you through each one in a short video (ten minutes max, with audio and transcript versions too)

They won't feel like rocket-science

But that's the whole point. And you'll likely have a few face-palm moments when you realise that you haven't been taking advantage of these power tools. (Luckily, they're SUPER easy to integrate into your life.)

And we'll take a week to explore them all fully.

(You get instant access to all 6 videos as soon as you join)

Now that you've met 'The Basics', it's time to put them to work in different areas of your life…

Our 6 areas are:

LC-Sales Page Mockup [Recovered]-47

How you start your day

And how organised you feel

What you're eating

How you're moving

How your home feels

How you end your day

Sounds simple enough, huh?

Here's the thing: in all my years working with women to create change in their lives, these are the areas that - with small tweaks - can completely change how they feel day to day. Which has a flow-on effect to so much more!

LC-Sales Page Mockup-18

So let's start "trying stuff on".

Here's how -

We'll hone in on a different Life Area each fortnight. I'll be sending you audios - about once every two days - to walk you through how to apply each of the Basics to that area.

Keep in mind, nothing's prescriptive: The Change Room knows that everyone is different!

But that's the magic of it - The Basics are so fundamental, so un-fussy, that you can fit them into your life in a multitude of ways, no matter what season of life you're in.

With each tweak or shift you are building your 'perfect outfit' (or life!) - one that's totally unique to you. And it's going to be easier than you think to get there, because I'll be guiding you every step of the way.

Every two weeks,
you'll get:

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LC-Sales Page Mockup [Recovered]-44

A potent (and joyfully short!) video

introducing the Life Area, and opening you up to what possibilities and upgrades you might like to experiment with

A genuinely useful worksheet -

because sometimes doing things with pen and paper helps your brain *get it*, yaknow?

6 gentle, supportive audios (3 per week)

walking you through exactly how to apply the Basics to this Life Area. (These are delivered direct to your phone through a private podcast feed, making it blissfully easy to listen… even when you're busy.)

An inspiring Q&A audio -

Got questions? Submit them via the membership portal, and I'll handpick the most powerful ones and record the answers in an audio.
Again, this will be delivered straight to your phone, so you don't even have to *think* about downloading anything or "keeping up". (Can you tell that "ease" is one of our core values?!)

Imagine having simple, reliable techniques up your sleeve you can use to:

LC-Sales Page Mockup-42
LC-Sales Page Mockup [Recovered]-49

  • Make mornings feel more spacious (enjoyable, even) even if your kid has lost their shoes - and YOU'D normally be losing your marbles!
  • Shift family mealtimes into ease-mode - so that you're not stressing out every evening and rushing to the shops at 5pm
  • Strip away the non-necessities that clog up your headspace and your calendar (and intentionally build some white space into your life)
  • Create nightly rituals that feel nourishing (even a bit luxurious!) instead of crawling into bed after way too long on your devices
  • Come at Monday morning with a sense of calm and excitement instead of that horrible 'starting from behind' place.
  • Get rid of that cortisol surge you feel every time you look in *that* drawer in your kitchen or open *that* cupboard in your garage
  • Help you look forward to your daily walk - even when it's freezing outside and you'd rather be doing anything but
  • Identify fresh possibilities and choices in your life, where before you saw none
LC-Sales Page Mockup-51

That's just scratching the surface when it comes to the kinds of upgrades we'll be exploring.

When you step out of The Change Room after our 3 months together,

you'll feel different.

LC Change Room Sales Illustrations V02-03

I'm not here to blow smoke. This isn't about doing a complete "life overhaul"... and that's why it's so great. That's literally why it freaking works. Because:

  • We focus on simple, useful upgrades. Not the hoity-toity stuff - the stuff that MAKES A DIFFERENCE to how you feel in your real life.
  • The upgrades are made so bloody easy by this framework. (I've been doing this work for a long time - let me share these tools and reframes with you, they're SO good.)
  • By making one small change at a time, everything's doable and non-freak-out-able (which is what really sets this program apart)
  • These upgrades will stack on top of each other. So by the end of the three months, without even really *noticing* it, you'll have made really meaningful shifts in really important areas of your life.


LC-Sales Page Mockup-29

Everything's housed in your membership portal

So you'll never lose track of anything.

LC-Sales Page Mockup-26

Everything's yours to download and keep

So you can build up a 'wardrobe' of life-tools that you'll dip back into for years to come.

LC-Sales Page Mockup-11

Everything's on audio.

It's all designed to fit into your life in the easiest way possible. That's why we deliver ALL content direct to your phone, via a private podcast feed.

LC-Sales Page Mockup-27

Everything's self-paced.

You don't have to "keep up". If you just want to build up a bank of valuable audios on your phone, then listen to them in one hit when you're 'feeling it', go for it!

LC-Sales Page Mockup-41

Everything's accessible.

Accessibility is so important to me & I know it is to you too. So we've baked it right in - into the content (audios & transcripts for everything), & the payment (no penalty for split payment.)

LC-Sales Page Mockup-23


No thoughtless suggestions to "hustle harder" or "get up earlier". And no unrealistic "solutions" that require a trust fund and a full time nanny to make happen.

"Amen! Through your courses and guidance Lisa Corduff, I have realised the greatest gift to my relationships is the change I have initiated for myself... Or the understanding I have offered myself. Either way, I am living more honestly. X"

- Nicky Giambuzzi

Nicky G pic

I'd be so honoured
to welcome you inside

LC-Sales Page Mockup-57

Your Transformation begins TODAY!

To recap, here's what you're getting:

LC-Sales Page Mockup V02-11

'The Basics' -

a toolkit of 6 core tools and techniques that are so simple (but so effective) you'll rely on them for life

A Video + Worksheet for each Life Area -

exploring where you're at now and where you might like to go (6 in total, one per fortnight, with audio versions too)

LC-Sales Page Mockup-26
LC-Sales Page Mockup-29

6 Audios for each Life Area -

walking you through exactly how to apply each of the Basics to that area (so that you can get those upgrades)

Q&A audios -

one for each Life Area, to troubleshoot questions and help build your confidence (6 in total)

LC-Sales Page Mockup V02-11
LC-Sales Page Mockup-26

All audios delivered direct to your phone.

(The ease! 🙌)

Lifetime access
to all content

LC-Sales Page Mockup-23
LC-Sales Page Mockup-41

Everything housed in your membership portal

14 day money-back guarantee

LC-Sales Page Mockup-58

Choose the option that works best for you:

Pay once

$497 AUD

Pay in 4 instalments

$124.25 AUD

LC-Sales Page Mockup_Full Price Payment Graphic

(Pay $497 in total - it's the same as the upfront payment, just more accessible.)

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"In short, The Change Room program worked! The biggest take away for me has been a change in mindset. And this is flowing through all aspects of my life. Everything about the program was spot on

- loved the format (so good to not be in another Facebook group)
- loved having regular podcasts to listen to
- loved the FAQ and hearing practical examples
- loved the worksheets - I completed all of them.

In my head, I have a version of myself that I want to be. The Change Room has been a catalyst for helping me on my way.

I felt like I had Lisa's voice inside my head, being my personal life coach as I moved through the course. I still think about her pearls of wisdom post-completion of the 3 months. "

- Kristen B

There's no 'one size fits all' here.

Do what works for you. Leave what doesn't.

This is a support system to get you moving in a direction that feels good. It's not a prescription, it's not another entry on your to-do list, and it's definitely not something else to feel 'guilty' about.

LC-Sales Page Mockup-58

14 Day Happiness Guarantee

We're all about trying things on and seeing what fits. If you join, and the first few weeks of content don't genuinely help you, just email the team ( by November 15th and we'll refund your payment in full.

Got Questions?

LC-Sales Page Mockup-65
LC-Sales Page Mockup-17

"I love listening to Lisa. She's so positive and upbeat, and I think I really needed her voice to help me look forward. I'm a very calm person but so many things were against me and I just wanted peace! It's so worth it, even if we think we've tried so many other things, Lisa has real answers and it's so much fun too. It's made me stronger and there are many lightbulb moments"


LC-Sales Page Mockup V03-54

Lady, we're not meant to spend our whole lives stuck in survival mode.

And we're not meant to feel overwhelmed, depleted and 'low-level crappy' all the time either.

The next three months are going to pass no matter what.

You can keep feeling stuck in place - always stretched too thin, always trying to "just get through" this next week / month / whatever, and never having any time or energy for yourself.

Or you can break the cycle. Here, now, together. And so bloody simply.

Even just ONE upgrade to your life can change how you feel forever - and we'll be exploring dozens.

And when you consider that those *things* that click for you will make every single one of your mornings, or evenings, or meals EASIER from here on out… well, it's a no-brainer.

So with nothing to lose and so much to gain, the only question remaining is…

… what are you waiting for?

join me FOR JUST $497

Pay once

$497 AUD

Pay in 4 instalments

$124.25 AUD

LC-Sales Page Mockup_Full Price Payment Graphic

(Pay $497 in total - it's the same as the upfront payment, just more accessible.)

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