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Hey lady!

Tired of being in survival mode? Tell me...

If there was a way to stop feeling so overwhelmed and start feeling like you again —

… without adding to your mental load, or taking up loads of time, or doing anything crazy...

— would you finally give yourself permission to make your headspace and happiness a priority?

You know you can't go on like this...


Life is just one big groundhog day filled with laundry and cutting off crusts... and you’re over it.

It feels like you never stop, and yet the to-do’s keep piling up.

You feel guilty about EVERYTHING — your screen time, your parenting, your short fuse — and it’s exhausting.

You’re tired (so tired) and would give anything for some alone time (although when you do manage to wrangle time for yourself, you have no idea what to do with it).

You’re craving connection… but are too tired and frazzled to hold up your end of a conversation.

You’re hungry for something… but don’t know what. (And the usual suspects — food, Schitts Creek, all the wine — don’t seem to be helping).

And underneath it all, you’re always *this* close to exploding. Or melting down. Or plunging spoon-first into a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

You keep saying to yourself, “If I can just get through this week, things will get better...”

But you’ve been saying that for months. Make that years. And everything still feels so out of control.

To make matters worse, you’ve TRIED to change things in the past, and it hasn’t worked...

In fact, it left you feeling more hopeless and helpless than when you started... #alltheguilt #allthetears #allthechocolateplease

But what if it didn’t have to be so hard?

What if life could really, truly feel different?



Back to You – Logo-01

A step-by-step online program to help you ditch the overwhelm, clear your mental clutter, lose the guilt… and thrive.


This easy-to-implement online program was created BY a woman living in the real world (3 kids, business owner, all the hats) FOR women living in the real world.

It’s designed to meet you where you’re at, to help you rediscover and re-engage with who you are — at a pace that works for you.

With Back To You, you’ll learn how to stop defaulting to “stressed-the-hell-out” and “stretched-too-thin”...

… and start *actually* feeling better each day.


We cover stuff like:

  • How trying to be ‘everything’ to everyone is holding you back from living the simple, stress-free life you crave
  • How fear and overwhelm can keep you crippled... and how to move forward in spite of them (aka the secrets to getting UNSTUCK!)
  • How to prioritise the stuff that’s important to you, and give yourself permission to drop some ‘balls’
  • How to connect back in with yourself and your body, and feel confident inside your own skin (because — spoiler alert! — you’re freaking amazing, lady… and it’s time you remembered that!)
  • Why decluttering is essential for reducing your overwhelm, and how to tackle it when you’ve got kids and All The Stuff. (Hint: it’s a completely different strategy to what the books suggest!)
  • How to add meaning to your everyday and feel purposeful in your life (SO essential if you want to feel like YOU again!)


Put simply, it’s all the things you need to find your way back to *you* again.

And let me tell you, it’s going to feel gooooood.

You might be wondering, who the heck am I to talk about this stuff?

Hey! I’m Lisa Corduff

biz owner, solo mum of three, and dry shampoo addict (ha!).

My journey “back to me” began four years ago.

I was sitting on my dirty kitchen floor… crying

The kids (who were 4 and under at the time) were climbing the walls, and I couldn’t stop sobbing.

We had been heading out the door to a playdate with a friend, when another friend messaged checking if she needed to bring anything to our house for the playdate that morning.


I had completely forgotten and double booked myself. And it wasn’t the first time.


I felt like I wanted the floor to swallow me up. I cried for the shame I felt at not being organised and letting down a friend. Again.

I cried for the state my house was in. The utter, complete chaos.

For the horrendous ‘out of control’ feeling that I had most days managing three young kids, a household and a small business.

I cried out of pure exhaustion.

I cried for myself in a moment of desperation that had been building for months (years?) because I had no space. No time for me. I was drowning.

In that moment, I knew something had to change. That I was going to have to create that change for myself.

And that I was going to have to do it in a totally new way. A way that worked for me and my family, and didn’t end with me right back on the floor in another puddle of tears.

It wasn't easy. It felt COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE to reevaluate my life and centre myself when I was changing nappies, washing clothes, packing away, cleaning, playing, cooking - All. The. Things!

How was anything going to change?

I decided to start by looking back and drawing on my years of leadership training, of devouring self-development books and programs. I took advice from my mentors and had many conversations about life and what really mattered.

I also tuned into the stuff that I knew to be true... The stuff that was staring me in the face. … And even the stuff I was avoiding because it felt too hard and raw.

I pulled all of that together, and started taking small steps. One at a time, as I felt able.

I created simple exercises for myself that centred me and completely reframed how I was DOING life.

Those small shifts created big change.

And slowly but surely, I found myself.

But it wasn’t a return to who I was before kids...

It was more than that… it was BETTER than that.

Somehow, I’d drawn forth the best parts of who I’d been pre-babies, and added into the mix everything I’d gained and learned along the way.

It wasn’t someone perfect and shiny.


All of me.

The Lisa who had borne children, and stayed standing through bone-aching tiredness.

The Lisa who fed, clothed and loved 3 kids who depended on her for everything, even when she felt she had nothing left to give.

The Lisa who somehow ran a small business AND managed to be present during swimming lessons and school pick-ups and all the other moments when her kids really needed to feel seen and heard.


This woman was capable of more than her twenty year old self could have ever imagined.

And the chaos began to be replaced with a semblance of calm.

And the dreams started to get clearer.

And the rhythm of my life found a brand new beat.

And it felt good.

It was then that I realised something that made me cry...

All that time, the overwhelm had been crippling me. It had kept me feeling that I was on a never-ending hamster wheel; only ever half a step away from full blown meltdown.

And the kicker: I’d spent the past few years (decades?) thinking it was NORMAL...

That it was just “the price you had to pay” for being a modern woman in the modern world...

That I somehow deserved it (or at the very least, that I definitely didn’t deserve any better)...

… umm, WTF?!

Now, though, I had my spark back.

I felt like I was in control. Not in a perfectionist “Type-A” way (so not me)... but in a relaxed way.

It was an incredible, powerful feeling. One that I’d almost forgotten. (Maybe one I’d never truly known before?)

It was the feeling of being in the driver’s seat of my own life...

And I was finally steering.

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for that same change, this program was created for you.


Back To You is not about “becoming a better person” (heads up, you’re already awesome).

It’s not about living up to someone else’s expectations.

And it’s not about doing all those self-helpy things you see on social media, like doing dawn yoga sessions in fancy activewear while renouncing wine and TV forever (just #no).

This is about exploring who you are and what matters to you, and discovering ways to bring more of that into your day-to-day.

It’s about believing that you deserve to feel good, right now, no more waiting.

And it’s about equipping you with the tools, habits and techniques that can *actually* make a difference — and fast, so you can experience quick wins right from the get-go as you lovingly carve out your ‘new normal’.

"I got off the hamster wheel."

"Back to You has helped me successfully dismount the hamster wheel! It has given me the tools to help create positive changes in my life at my own achievable pace."

Lisa P

"I gained confidence and reconnected with myself… amazing!"

The "Back to You" program helped me in many ways, but mostly, it helped me connecting with myself again, so I could see things from a different perspective and gain more confidence in my life. Thank you very much, Lisa, it was amazing!!


"I'd just had my second baby when I joined, and was really stressed…"

"I had just had my second baby, my husband was working away a lot and we both run our own small business. I was becoming very stressed, overwhelmed and some times angry at my family. Small Steps Back to You came around at the perfect time for me and for us as a family, my husband also completed some of the exercises with me. It helped us to see what our values are, what we wanted in life and how we could make small changes to achieve it. After completing the course I feel more calm and focused. I'm enjoying being a mummy and stressing way less about things. Thank you Lisa and Team this course has really helped me get back to what matters."


Back-to-You-–-Logo-01 White

is a program for women wanting more from life, without having to make even more sacrifices and stretches to get where they want to go.


Sign up to get 8 life changing modules, each designed to help you make small yet profound shifts in your life
(valued at $299)

Each module is centred on a different habit, and is designed to be as flexible and easy-to-action as possible.

YOU get to choose how you consume the material: read, watch or listen — or do all three! You can even do the whole course on your phone, if that makes life easier.

There’s also a worksheet for each module, to trigger insights and help you cement what you uncover.


Plus you get these awesome bonuses:

Bonus #1

eBook: 10-Day Guided Declutter (Value $49)

The space you live in impacts your mood and mindset, so lets make sure your environment is setting you up to thrive — and not accidentally contributing to your overwhelm.
In this mini eBook, you’ll get my 10 best decluttering tools for massive impact minus the stress. (And no, I’m not going to make you decide whether your kid’s doona cover “sparks joy”!)

Bonus #2

Bonus Module: Reveal Your Values (Value $97)

To create a life that fulfills you, you need to get outrageously clear on what’s important to you.
This bonus module will help you unearth your core values (even if you don’t have a clue right now what they are), so that you can use them as the framework for your fulfillment.

Bonus #3

Workshop: Replace Online Time With Me Time (Value $129)

Are you worried about how much time you spend on your phone? Do you spend hours half-heartedly scrolling, feeling guilty but unable to stop? Not sure how to model healthy digital habits for your kids?

This powerful 60-minute video workshop will help you reclaim your brainspace and create a new relationship with technology on YOUR terms.

Bonus #4

Recommended Reading Guide (Value $47)

Enjoying the changes you’re feeling, and want to dive deeper?

Here’s a roadmap of books and resources to accelerate your journey and take it to the next level. (This is the stuff that’s on my bedside table, that I come back to again and again, and that’s made SUCH a huge difference to my life.)

All up, that’s a total value of $621 and you get lifetime access to all the modules, materials and bonuses.

Back-to-You-–-Logo-01 White

Get Back To You and...

Get a usable plan to achieve health, balance and happiness. Get your stress and overwhelm under control. Get a roadmap for creating a life that turns you on.

Isn’t it time you found your way back to you?


  • 8 modules
  • 4 bonuses
  • Lifetime access
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Total value $621

Here's how we'll help you get back to YOU…

To create a life that lights you up (and that doesn’t wear you down), you’ve got to figure out what’s important to you and what fills your tank.

So in these first two modules, we’re going to unearth your REAL priorities as well as identify the things that don’t really matter to you, so you can free up some mental bandwidth. (And heads up: our students are always surprised by what they discover about themselves!)

We’re also going to take a closer look at your relationship with time, which is a key area to focus on, because you can see big wins with just a few small shifts…

You’ll uncover:

  • Why it’s essential to get real about what you TRULY want (no matter how “trivial" or “silly” it may seem)
  • Why under-scheduling your life is key to finding more joy in your day to day
  • The limiting belief that keeps us chaotic and overworked
  • How letting go can help you get what you want


By now, you’re clear on what’s important to you. That’s a HUGE part of the battle already won.

Now it’s time to figure out where you want to get to. Yep, it’s time to set some goals. (But let me warn you: this isn’t the goal setting technique you learned in high school!)

We’re also going to dig into the two big mindset issues that keep us stuck and afraid of making change: fear and resistance.

(Loads of people skip this step in their goal setting, which is why they struggle to make progress. But you? You’re going to be slicing through them with ease, like a hot knife through butter…)

You’ll learn:

  • Why goals like “I want to lose 5kg” won’t actually help you achieve what you crave (and a method that WILL rocket you towards your desires)
  • How my tatty “granny undies” shaped my New Year’s Resolutions (and changed my life forever!)
  • The important difference between fear and resistance (and how to tell them apart)
  • How to put yourself in the driver's seat of life — even when you’re scared of change and afraid to take action

With your goals set, and fear in the backseat, it’s time to get moving...

… Of course, this is when our old buddy Overwhelm is likely to rear its ugly head: “How am I meant to do everything?” “This is all too hard!” “I just don’t think this is possible for someone like me!”

The struggle — and the juggle — to get stuff done without drowning is REAL.

And the desire to do things “perfectly” and be “all the things” to all the people can trip us up.

That’s why we’re going to get you thinking about overwhelm in an entirely new way… you’ll learn:

  • The weekly habit that eliminates overwhelm (and that stops stuff falling through the cracks)
  • The "Rubber Ball Rule" for figuring out what to prioritise when shit hits the fan…and what you can let slide — WITHOUT guilt!
  • Why "dropping your standards” is not a failing… it's an act of self care
  • How to lower your load — because lady, you DON'T need to do it all
  • What to do when you want to give 100% to something… but you’ve only got 30% in the tank

Congrats! By now, you’re prioritising the stuff that’s important to you, you’ve shifted your relationship with time, you’ve given your mindset a makeover, and you’ve reframed your approach to overwhelm.

In our final module, we’re focusing on clearing out the clutter — both the stuff that’s physically around you, and the stuff that’s clogging up your head.

We’re going to be approaching it with our feet firmly in the real world though. (Because I don’t think any of those “experts” you see on TV truly understand what it’s like trying to clear out a closet with kids around!)

You’ll also be looking to the future. Because YOU are now firmly in the driver’s seat of your life… so it’s time to plan what comes next.

You’ll learn:

  • 3 powerful steps to reduce mental clutter (that take less than 2 minutes to implement)
  • How physical clutter is hurting your brain (and what you can do to fix it)
  • A simple system for decluttering your home that WON’T overwhelm you, take up your whole weekend, or require you to toss all your belongings
  • The #1 way to build momentum and create the change you desire (it’s a little unsexy… but it’s foolproof!)
  • How to create a roadmap for where you want to get to in all the important life areas (and how to set yourself up for success so you can achieve it)

The 'Back To You' 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say ‘yes’ to this program… and ‘yes’ to you.
That’s why we offer our ‘Back To You’ 30-Day Guarantee.

Join now, give the program a shot, and if — by the end of the 30 days — you haven’t seen meaningful changes in how you deal with overwhelm, and gotten that relieved feeling of “Oh, THERE’S the real me!”… we’ll give you your money back. All of it.

We’ll even eat any processing fees.

Simply send an email — along with your completed worksheets for Modules 1 and 2, so that we know you gave it a go — to my admin extraordinaire, Melissa at, and she’ll process your refund straight away.


"I'm so glad I put my money on the table and invested in me"

"Just wanted to say a quick Thank you to Lisa Corduff and her team! I'm so glad I fought my resistance, put my money on the table and invested in me - this course was well worth it!! I am looking forward to taking my worksheets to a cafe & revisiting this again & again when overwhelm rears its head. I'm excited about what is now possible. Also wanted to thank you for being authentic. It's so refreshing to learn from someone who is real & honest - it's mainly why I decided to do Small Steps Back To You - so many good vibes! Loved it! It's also made me realise that it's totally possible to steal an hour every Thursday night all for my freaking self!! Hahaha"


"I went back to uni!"

"Since I did the first round, I have taken massive action towards one of my "in this one life" things - hello uni life!"


"I'd just had my second baby when I joined, and was really stressed…"

"I had just had my second baby, my husband was working away a lot and we both run our own small business. I was becoming very stressed, overwhelmed and some times angry at my family. Small Steps Back to You came around at the perfect time for me and for us as a family, my husband also completed some of the exercises with me. It helped us to see what our values are, what we wanted in life and how we could make small changes to achieve it. After completing the course I feel more calm and focused. I'm enjoying being a mummy and stressing way less about things. Thank you Lisa and Team this course has really helped me get back to what matters."


"I can safely say you saved my life..."

"You made my year and saved my life. I felt so overwhelmed until I came across your decluttering challenge. I am a mum of four (11, 10, 8 & 10 months) and also lost another child a few years ago. Due to the loss I shut down and just started doing everything and just plodding along after bub was born. It got to a point where I forgot who I was but thanks to you I have clawed some back, enrolled in my dream course of nutritional medicine, gained clarity and focus and rediscovered my love of craft.

Considering two months ago I wanted to die I can safely say you saved my life and have given me and my family a new energy and drive.

I love your programs and appreciate greatly what you have done for me. Words will never be enough."


Back-to-You-–-Logo-01 White

So what would it be worth to you to have your spark back?

To be back in the driver’s seat of your own life? To wake up each morning and actually look forward to the day ahead?


  • 8 modules
  • 4 bonuses
  • Lifetime access
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Total value $621

Hear from our members...

"I'm finally learning how to say no."

"Back To You has changed and is still changing my life… My negative talk is definitely less, I have slowed life down, I am saying no more and only Hell Yeses, we are busily planning our "this one life" Canada trip and my word of the year "content" is front of mind. So I am loving myself more than ever before and still on that journey. I still lose my shit a bit too often but definitely improving. Life is very good."


"I truly feel like I am closer to being my happiest self."

"Thank you so much for this exercise... I truly feel like I am stepping closer and closer to being my happiest self."


"I wish there was a 'I just had a revelation' emoji!"

"I wish there was a 'I just had a revelation' emoji....I do all the things for all the people all the time. I know I don't prioritise myself but that all changes now......"


"I got the tools I needed."

"Back To You helped me to clarify and simplify all the things that seemed to cause that overwhelm feeling, so that when they crop up you have the tools to help ground you again. Loved it! My favourite part is now I know ANYTHING is possible when broken down into tiny tiny steps, each one is a step forward :)"

Julie H

Here's what people ask before they join...


To recap, when you join Back To You, you get access to...

  • 8 Life-Changing Modules (including videos, audios, transcripts and worksheets), designed to help you make small yet profound shifts in your life. (Value: $299)
  • BONUS #1 — eBook: Your 10-Day Guided Declutter — Get my best decluttering tools to create massive impact in your physical spaces, minus the stress (Value $49)
  • BONUS #2 — Extra Module: Reveal Your Values — Unearth your core values, so that you can use them as the framework for your fulfillment. (Value $97)
  • BONUS #3 — Workshop: Replace Online Time With Me Time Create a new relationship with technology and stop letting your phone control your life. (Value $129)
  • BONUS #4 — Lisa’s Must-Have Resources — Get the GOLD from my favourite books, doco’s and more… without having to do the hard work yourself! (Value $47)

That’s a total value of $621.

And remember, you get lifetime access to all the modules, materials and bonuses (#winning).

Back-to-You-–-Logo-01 White

I'm ready to give myself permission to make my happiness and headspace a priority

Knowing I'm protected by a full,
30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • 8 modules
  • 4 bonuses
  • Lifetime access
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Total value $621


There’s one particular fear that a lot of our members have before they join...


“I’ve tried to make changes in my life before, and nothing has ever stuck... Why would this be any different?”

If you’re feeling that way too... Lady, I get it. I really do.

I know what it feels like to lose faith in yourself… To have lost hope…. To feel like you have no agency in your own life.

And I know how much that feeling sucks.

So many of us, in the past, have attempted to create change in our lives by aiming for the moon. Or by drawing big, huge scary lines in the sand that feel so AWESOME at the time... but that in reality, are completely unsustainable, and are setting us up for failure.

Then, when we inevitably falter (because we’re HUMAN), we feel like absolute shit… worthless, powerless, and weak. And we start to believe that it’s because of who we are that we can’t climb out of the hole we find ourselves in.

This issue gets me so fired up, because I see it in so many women (and I was there myself not that long ago).


The truth is — and if you take one thing away from this whole page, let it be this: YOU are not the problem.

I promise. You’re not.

The problem is that we don’t know how our own brains work.

And that we’ve never been taught how to rewire our habits and beliefs.

And that society has told us, as women, that we need to be “perfect”, or else why bother?

And that we’ve had it ingrained in us to see setbacks as ‘failures’ instead of stepping stones.

And that many of us don’t even know how to be nice to ourselves...

There are a million more factors I could share with you, but I know you don’t have all day. So let me just say: If you’re *this* close to giving up on yourself, and constantly feel like you’re only ever one step away from complete meltdown, please — please — trust yourself.

Hold fast to the idea — the sliver of possibility — that things can be different… and open the door for yourself to come join us.



Not only will you get the tools you need to feel better each day, we’ll show you how to follow through on your promises to yourself. To reclaim your sense of agency. To get out of your stuck-ness. To re-label yourself from someone who’s “always overwhelmed” to someone who’s “thriving” in a life they’ve created on their own terms.

A life you actually enjoy isn’t something reserved for “other people”.

It’s entirely doable for you, and the material in Back to You will show you exactly how.

You have to take the first step, though… I can’t help you with that bit.

But once you’re inside?

I’ve got you covered, every step of the way...

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