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The Overwhelm Struggle Is Real

Overwhelmed and Over it?

It’s practically impossible to find a woman in 2023 who doesn’t feel a sense of overwhelm at the amount of balls she is juggling. If you are feeling it - you are most definitely not alone!

Truth is - not all overwhelm is created equal.The root cause of yours is unique to you and your circumstances. When you discover it, you have the most effective starting point to create some positive change.

And steps to take feel clear and obvious - what a relief!

This 3-minute, 6 question Quiz will not only pinpoint the main thing driving your overwhelm, you’ll be given 10 simple action steps to take right now to lessen the load.

(Just 3 mins!)

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Hi, I’m Lisa.

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For the longest time, I was deep in overwhelm: stretched too thin, helping everyone except myself, and feeling permanently exhausted.

Can you relate?!

It felt like more hard work to do anything about it so I stay stuck doing the same things over and over. I didn’t think I had a choice.

After a decade working in the field of behaviour change I’ve discovered six root causes for the overwhelm modern women are feeling.

Discover and address the root cause of your overwhelm and feel instant relief! (It’s blessedly easier than you think!)

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Once you take this short quiz, you’ll discover:

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The key root cause of your overwhelm, and WHY you fall into this - time and time again.


How to recognise your overwhelm patterns


10 simple strategies to address the root cause (I’m talking super simple, takes a few minutes)

Most of us get cosy in our discomfort.

We don’t even realise we do it half the time.

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😢 Maybe you’re always putting your needs at the bottom of the pile.
⚡ Or you’re so sapped of joy, you can’t even remember what makes you feel good anymore.
😴 Or maybe just constantly so. damn. tried.

Does it feel impossible to keep all those plates spinning? It doesn’t have to be this way.

Let’s figure out the root cause of your overwhelm, so you can get unstuck and reclaim your life!

Discover which type of Overwhelm is keeping you trapped in just 3 mins!

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