New Year, Same You (oops!)

It’s so funny that we expect that a new date in the Calendar is going to change everything. That suddenly we’ll become a person who goes to the gym or eats salad for lunch or prioritises herself or reads a book at night instead of flicking through Facebook!

It’s so shocking that by the second week of January we are still our exact same selves! Boo.

Don’t panic though - it is totally possible to create new habits and follow through on commitments - it’s just that most of us weren’t taught how brains can work against us to achieve this.

Find out how those people who actually stick to their resolutions are doing it.

I’ve recorded a short 8-minute training that outlines why most New Years Resolutions fail (spoiler: it’s about your brain - you’re not a hopeless case!) and exactly where to focus your energy to create the change you desire in this new year, new decade.

Watch it right now and start asking yourself the ONE QUESTION that will change how you approach 2020.

Hey, I’m Lisa Corduff and I help extraordinary women just like you get unstuck and create real and lasting change in their lives using practical mindset strategies (and a stack of inspiration!) Because the world needs more women owning their worth and power. L x
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