Calling all Coaches, Course Creators, Freelancers &
Online Entrepreneurs who kicked off 2021 with big goals…

There’s one powerful question you need to ask yourself, when you think about 2021:

“Am I going to achieve my
goals on my own?”


Lady, you’re a force.

You’re a hard worker, and your ability to figure shit out has got you this far.

And it truly is something to be proud of. (Let’s face it, #EntrepreneurLife is NOT for everyone!)

LC - Momentum-09

But at a certain point, did 2021 start to feel like it was zooming past and your usual level of momentum and action-taking had been replaced by fatigue and a case of ‘just-getting-by-ness’?

Or maybe you are working towards your big goals and still showing up but you’re not getting the results you want fast enough?

Are you missing connection with others?

Are you struggling to keep yourself accountable (especially for those living amongst the disruption of lockdowns?)

Do you want to close out 2021 proud of what you achieved instead of limping to the finish line?



So let me cut to the chase...

(because I respect your time I’m going to make this mega simple and my feeling is you’ll know pretty quickly if it’s for you).

We entrepreneurs are a resilient bunch but it’s impossible to get where you want without support. #Fact

I credit growing my business to seven-figures a year with putting myself in the RIGHT SPACES with others who have big dreams and a willingness to learn and grow and serve.

It’s like the fast-track.

So I’ve created a space for you (for us!) in this wild time.

It’s called Momentum.

I’m running it exclusively this September - November


It's a three-month container that offers the opportunity for:

LC - Momentum-10


  • Increasing revenue, even if you think no one is spending money right now!
  • Getting clarity on your next steps (and actually TAKING THEM)
  • Being more visible even if you’ve spent months in PJs and feel blah
  • Diving Deep on your business strategy, your product range, your customer journey - all the juicy things!
  • Getting yourself in the absolute best position to close out 2021 strong and set yourself up for success in 2022!

To put it simply…

You’ll sell more, have more fun, be more visible, be supported and held accountable, and get re-anchored into your important work if you’ve felt a little adrift.

Not only that, you’ll finish off the year feeling like you gave it everything you had and saw results on your bottom line that wouldn’t have been possible without a firm (but loving!) reminder that you’re capable of way more than you think.

I believe in you.

So, here’s how we’ll do it:

LC - Momentum Build V3-05

Weekly Momentum Sessions

We gather on Monday morning between 10-11am AEST as a group for a short sharp training from me and rapid fire Q&A. You will leave laser-focused, pumped up, inspired and feeling a level of connection to your purpose and an awesome network of women on a mission (← that’s the juice, right there!)

LC - Momentum Build V3-06

Community (GOLD)

No, I’m not opening up a Facebook Group (who needs another one of those?!). We’ve created a Slack Community to keep you motivated and connected throughout the week. We are here to keep you moving forward, answer your questions promptly and keep you accountable to those goals of yours!

LC - Momentum Build V3-07

Accountability (GOLD)

Every Friday the team will check in on what you committed to on Monday. And don’t worry - it’s not just work that we’ll be holding you accountable to. It’ll be your weekly dose of pleasure … or movement … or sometimes that boring admin you’ve been putting off but needs doing.

LC - Momentum Build V3-08

Guest Experts (GOLD)

I don’t want to toot my own horn but I ‘know people’. Smart, savvy people that help entrepreneurs like us. I have experts lined up to teach you about Copywriting, Planning, Hiring Support in your biz and more!

And Here’s where
that will lead...

You’ll start to feel incredible.

And when your vibration changes, everything changes.

I’m not going to beat around the bush - I’ve created this because it inspires me to be around action-takers.
Women on a mission.
Women who dream.
Women who know their work helps people and they sometimes need that reminder.

Women who might be feeling depleted and disoriented after the events of the last 18 months but have so much to offer.

Let Momentum be your container for three months.

What I intend Momentum to create in YOUR life is:

  • more revenue (any business investment you make SHOULD result in this!),
  • more visibility
  • more fun
  • more clarity
  • more creativity
  • more connection
LC - Momentum-13

The truth is that the world needs more women sharing their light. I know that can feel heavy when balancing the crud that is lockdown life (if you are) but leaders find a way.

Momentum is about you -
your energy, your strategy, your big dream.

Let’s get moving on it, yeah?


About the Weekly Momentum Sessions

These are the new anchor points to your week.

When all else is flying around you, it’s a chance to focus and centre yourself (and most importantly to have fun, feel connected and intentional).

We’ll kick off with a short Training from me, share our weekly intention and jump into a rapid fire Q&A session so you can access my biz brain and receive coaching on the blocks stopping you moving forward. It’ll be ALL the good energy! #dontweneedit!

What will I teach? Glad you asked!

The short, sharp Trainings over three months will focus on how to create and maintain intentional momentum for business owners using my SMS method of Space, Mindset and Strategy. These key areas are what I believe move us from 'faffing' to 'flying' - no matter what's happening around us.

I can’t promise there won’t be music #roxetteforlife
I can’t promise your cheeks won’t hurt from smiling.
I can’t promise that by the end of three months of working with me you’ll be the same person. #Soz

I’ve created two opportunities for you to join Momentum.

Get access to the Monday Momentum Sessions and all the value they will bring OR super-charge the experience with access to the LC team via Slack (we are here to keep you motivated and moving forward!), weekly accountability check-ins, guest experts and a community of women to cheerlead you.



x 3 payments


12 x Monday Momentum Sessions

(Pay Upfront)

$2997 $2777

(SAVE $214)


12 x Monday Momentum Sessions

Exclusive Slack Community

Weekly Accountability Check-ins

6 x Guest Expert Trainings

(Pay Monthly)


(x 3 payments)


12 x Monday Momentum Sessions

Exclusive Slack Community

Weekly Accountability Check-ins

6 x Guest Expert Trainings



(You knew it was coming!)

LC - Momentum Build-01

You’ll learn from the Futurist who absolutely blew our sockets with her predictions for upcoming consumer trends. Honestly - you will get insights that could change the trajectory of your business with this one training!

LC - Momentum Build-02

Learn how to craft ‘stories that sell’ with the most genuine guy in online business - who knows a buttload about connection and sounding un-sleazy to get results.

LC - Momentum Build-03

Hear the behind-the-scenes business learnings from an amazing friend who has built a mulit-million dollar a year online business selling a low-priced Membership (all while mum to her four young children - the youngest are three-year-old twins!)

LC - Momentum Build-04

You’ll learn how to overcome the struggle with visibility? It’s not just you - there’s so much working against women standing proudly, using their voice and being crystal clear in their messaging.


For some, the Monday Monmentum Sessions will be all the focus they need for the week. For others, who are looking to go further, faster in the next 90 days - Momentum GOLD is the answer.

You'll get there faster because of the community connections you'll make, the motivation and support from myself and the team (not achieving what you said you wanted? Let's figure out WHY!). I'm here to assist in removing the blocks getting in the way of more easy, more profit and more joy in your business.

And I'll bring in experts to train you on exactly what you need help with.

Remember - this isn't a curriculum based program you can fall behind on - it's the structure, focus and motivation you need to do what needs to be done in YOUR business.


I bet you already know if Momentum is for you... You can feel the tingles about what it might feel like to ACTUALLY get things to where you want them to be by the end of the year.

But if you have any further questions about the Gold experience let’s hop on a 15 minute call together!

Where do you want to be in just three months?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after 8 years in business, running a bunch of programs and memberships and masterminds along the way, and particularly after hitting seven-figures in annual revenue in 2019, it’s this:

Entrepreneurs need to be around other entrepreneurs.

Here's why:

It’s how we grow. It’s how we do our best work. It’s how we become leaders… and it’s how we make quantum leaps forward.

This has always been the case for me, and I’ve witnessed it again and again in others too — whether it’s my friends, people I’ve mentored, or people I look up to.

Because the thing is, when you’re in a circle with others like you — smart, driven, in the game, not afraid to dream outside the box — it’s almost like magic….

The whole suddenly becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Everyone rises up. And goals and milestones that once seemed out of reach stop feeling impossible… and start feeling inevitable….

LC - Momentum-14

I will not be the person who makes you work as if none of the externals matter - they do. It’s been outrageously hard, living in Melbourne, to create momentum amongst the in and outs of lockdown and home-learning.

I couldn’t do it without support (and a few key lessons I’ve learned over the years!)

Business is so much more nuanced that just ‘work harder’.

Come join me and discover a new way to lead yourself.

So much is possible when we say


Are you ready to say yes and move yourself and your business forward in a balanced, fun, intentional way?

Or are you going to keep going it alone?

It’s your choice, of course. But consider what might be possible for you on the other side of a yes….

I can’t wait to meet and support you in creating the momentum you’re craving when you make the choice!

Secure your spot in this intimate experience now.



x 3 payments


12 x Monday Momentum Sessions







(Pay Upfront)

$2997 $2777

(SAVE $214)


12 x Monday Momentum Sessions

Exclusive Slack Community

Weekly Accountability Check-ins

6 x Guest Expert Trainings

(Pay Monthly)


(x 3 payments)


12 x Monday Momentum Sessions

Exclusive Slack Community

Weekly Accountability Check-ins

6 x Guest Expert Trainings


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