Lisa's Online Marketing Bundle

Lost in the world of online marketing?

Feel like the rules keep changing?

Looking around wondering why other people are getting traction and you’re not?

Frustrated by a lack of clients and customers or online launches that bomb?

I’ve put together 5 hugely valuable trainings for you to help blow your marketing out of the water!


Two jam-packed one-time-only live workshops that will change the way you do business!


I’m Lisa Corduff and I’ve built a successful online business over at

And I’ve made ALL the mistakes! I’ve cried ALL the tears in this crazy online journey. And I (bizarrely) freaking love it!

I want you to love it too.

The trainings that are part of this bundle will set you up with fabulous information, skills and inspiration to supercharge your online marketing.

They are simple to follow and implement straight away.

Trainings include:


Online Marketing 101 (value $197)

All the basics in one spot.

Devour this training and you will know more than most other online business owners about what truly connects and turns fans into customers.


Copy that Converts (value $197)

Ever wondered why some people’s words are more magnetic than others?

All the insider secrets to fabulous copy - that helps you sell! These are skills that don’t go out of fashion and the best things I’ve learnt from my years in TV media and online.


Plan Your Launch (value $197)

A step-by-step process for you to follow to launch your online product

This is the framework I have been using for all my successful launches in a simple and easy to follow format


Rock Your First Facebook Live (value $197)

If you are not yet utilising the power of FB Live - then you are missing a huge FREE marketing opportunity. I know it feels like a stretch - but included in this training is all your tech and video basics to apply across all styles of online video


How to Interview Experts (value $197)

Would you love to reach out to experts and interview them for your programs, your blog or Facebook page but you have no idea the art and science of a good interview?

This training provides you with everything you need to know.

Total Value $985



(Valued at $147 each)


Motherhood and Business - #truthtalk about making it work

8:30pm July 31

“I just don’t know if I can build a successful business and be the mother I want to be” - said Lisa Corduff at the first Mastermind Retreat she attended in California.

I was all the ugly tears in front of a room of widely successful entrepreneurs and my fear was real and all-consuming. I have so many ideas, I am so motivated to show up for my work - but what would this mean for my family? I thought it was an either/or situation.

It wasn’t. And we've got to talk about why it isn’t for you too - amazing lady!

I am firmly of the belief that our children are our superpower when it comes to business and not a noose around our neck.

Join me for this practical and inspirational workshop where I’ll share:

  • A brutally honest account of what it took to grow my business to $500+ in three years - and what this meant for my family
  • Practical time-management techniques (especially for mums)
  • Truth-bombing about burnout and how to to avoid it
  • How to bust through the stories that are keeping you stuck not getting anything done
  • Why boundaries are your friend - and why you never stick to them!

Quit the Chaos - Simple Systems and Organisation for your online business

10.30am AEST Thursday 16th August

It’s true - my business would not be where it is today if I didn’t pull my disorganised finger out and embrace systems. It’s also true that a very clever woman named Melissa Donnelly has changed the way my business works and guided me along the path of business organisation.

As a creative and visionary it’s hard to be disciplined when all we want to do is change the world. But you won’t get very far with your big dream if you don’t have the back end sorted. Full stop.

Listen, this topic is not super sexy (unless you are an organised person!) but it’s 100% vital for business growth - and I WISH I had known this stuff from the beginning.

Join me and the extraordinary ‘Yin to my Yang’ Mel, as she shares how to get your business humming like a well-oiled machine.

We’ll cover:

  • Your first hire - Mel will break down roles of a VA, where to find a great one and the process of hiring
  • Before you hire help - you gotta systemise! Learn the EASIEST ways to document what you do in your business so you can take your hands off *every* wheel
  • Asana, Teamwork, Slack - it's all so confusing! - Find out which Project Management tool we use, get a tour of the set up and start managing your projects with ease
  • The basics matter - your inbox is NOT where you should spend your days - learn Inbox Management techniques that will change everything!

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The ‘Keeping It Real’ 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say ‘yes’ to this program and to growing your online business...

That’s why we’ve got our ‘Keeping it Real’ 30-Day Guarantee.

Join now, give the trainings a fair shot, and if — at the end of 30 days — you haven’t seen rapid improvements in your online marketing… we’ll give you your money back.

We’ll even foot any processing fees.

Simply send an email — along with your notes for at least 2 of the training's, so that we know you gave it a go — to my right hand woman, Victoria at, and she’ll process your refund tout de suite.


I know that sharing numbers can sound wanky, so let me get this over with quick. My business has:



Revenue in 2017



Followers on facebook



Email subscribers



Members in my paid membership program



And I regularly get 25k+ views on my videos.

I hate when people go on about their ‘figures’, but I wanted you to see them so I can tell you the part that actually matters:

I attribute a huge portion of my audience size and revenue to consistent marketing.

My willingness to consistently market online is why I have the business I have today.

Questions and answers

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Get instant access

$1,279 of value

Cash-flow friendly option

  • 3 x Monthly Payments

Avoid recurring payments

  • (saving of $50)

Only want to purchase the workshops? Do that here

All prices are in Australian Dollars.

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