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module one of ltc (hello feeling happier!) + the three most powerful expert masterclasses exclusively bundled together to help you create the life you want!

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lady, here's your chance to continue the work

You may know committing to a coaching program for six months isn't your cup of tea right now, you're not quite ready for the full 'Live the Change' experience.

Yet you want to ensure you are still moving forward, busting through those BS stories and taking big bold leaps towards living your most aligned life!

How would you like access to:

  • The most insightful and transformative conversation about female rage. And a powerful tool to release your anger.
  • A brand new level of understanding of your motherhood journey to release your guilt/overwhelm/martyrdom stories.
  • Getting to the bottom of your people pleasing and why you feel you can't switch off from your go-go-go 'hold it all together' role in your household.


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Lisa Corduff

A deeper exploration into who you are, why you feel the way you do and how to incorporate practical steps to shift into more happiness, more flow and better relationships in your life.

After the work you did in RFC, you know that a huge aspect of personal transformation involves getting conscious of, and releasing, what's no longer serving you.

It may have been confronting (like being in a 'void') when you started to dismantle long-held stories about your potential, the life you've created, the limitations you unknowingly placed on yourself!

In this void you can feel like you're motionless - kind of between two worlds. You can't see things the same way as you did before. But nothing has replaced it yet.

Know that feeling?

The releasing is necessary - but so is the REBUILD.

This powerful bundle is the perfect combination of trainings to help with the release (oh the things you'll learn!) AND the rebuild.

You'll learn how to:

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Understand yourself on a deeper level AND shine a huge light on your relationships.

more happiness in life

Actively find and create more happiness in your life.

move forward

Finally release what is no longer serving you so that you can move forward (and where it's hiding may surprise you!)

The shifts our Live The Change members experience on the back of what they learn has been nothing short of game-changing... Release & rebuld gives you the very first step.

"Forever grateful for this space. Forever grateful for giving myself the 'permission' and the curiosity to explore and dive deep into this beautiful and life-changing work."


continue the work to stop guilty, triggered and unhappy!

ACCESS the very best of LTC - pulled out and made ready for you to jump into!

As an RFC Grad, 'Release & Rebuild' will keep you moving forward in a super powerful way! You deserve that.

Get instant access to this exclusive bundle of trainings that contains Module 1 of Live the Change PLUS three Expert Masterclasses.

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LIve the change module 1:
The happiness roadtrip

Everyone wants to be more happy, right? But how do you actually achieve genuine happiness? I've pulled out the very first module that is ONLY available if you join Live the Change!

Here’s what we’ll get sorted:

  • Why lots of the things you *think* make you happy (like your family, going on holidays, even chocolate!) aren’t actually fuelling your happiness
  • How to climb out of the “I’ll be happy when…” trap once and for all, so that you can experience full-throated joy NOW (no more waiting)
  • “My life wasn’t supposed to turn out like this” ← Had this thought? Here’s what to do about it.
  • The secret to stepping away from the blame game
  • The BEST way to deal with anxiety and uncertainty — even if you’re a certified stress-head
Rage and the femininie

Masterclass #1: Rage with Samantha Nolan-Smith

Women aren't traditionally allowed to rage. To fully feel and express emotion. In this Masterclass get an insight into the rage that is potentially sitting under the surface for you and MOVE IT with her simple and powerful visualisation exercise.

"I listened today and what a gift. I am still scared but I feel I have a tool I can use now each week to allow myself to see this rage and do the work in smaller steps, in manageable moments."

Matrescence motherhood

Masterclass #2: Matrescence with amy taylor-kabbaz

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz discusses how Matrescence provides an opportunity to change the stories of what it means to be a 'good mum' and a successful happy woman - that we are often denied because of societal expectations and generational patterns. This is a deep dive into our identity shifts in Motherhood.

"I listened to Amy Taylor-Kabbaz the other night and was teary from the first slide when she said 'motherhood'. I was just ready to be acknowleged for all the things that come up for me around motherhood. It was so liberating!"

Flowers and Honey Feminine

masterclass #3: permission to receive with julie tenner

Julie covers topics like knowing when your feminine and masculine energies are in and out of balance (if this is a new topic for you - it will BLOW your mind!), people pleasing (why we do it and understanding how it plays out) and working WITH your partner for brand new outcomes. It is a delicious and expansive Masterclass that will fundamentally change how you understand 'flow' and 'energy'.

"My mind has been blown! Julie Tenner talks about the divine feminine in a way I haven't quite grasped before!"

Create the life you want, not the life you're living by default!

What you'll experience on the back of this... a huge RELEASE of expectations you have of yourself. A release of built up rage (even our most placid LTC memebrs experienced huge shifts from this class), and the most delicious realisations of why your life feels so damn out of balance - especially in your intimate relationships.

And after the release comes the REBUILD.

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Get instant access to this powerful work!

Limited time only! Ending in...


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The ‘Live The Change’ 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee


Lady, by now you know me. I feel like I know you too. And I’ve got your back.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say ‘yes’ to this next stage of training — ‘yes’ to growth, ‘yes’ to living the life you were put on this planet to live, ‘yes’ to YOU.

That’s why we’ve got our ‘Live The Change’ 30-Day Guarantee.

Join now, test drive the first module, and if — by the end of 30 days — you haven’t experienced transformation in how you think and feel and uncovered a bunch of useless stories that are stopping you from experiencing true happiness … we’ll give you your money back — all of it.

We’ll even take care of the processing fees. Simply send an email (along with your completed homework) so that we know you gave it a go to the amazing Melissa at and she’ll process your refund straight away.