See this video?

It was shot in 3 minutes,
using nothing but my phone...

...and it generated 50 new customers in just 24 hours.

At first glance, that screenshot might make it look like there’s not much going on, other than my mad fashion skills (!) and a serious case of “panda eyes”.

But the truth is, there’s a whole lot of strategy woven into that 3-minute clip.

They’re strategies I’ve used again and again in my business to rapidly grow my tribe and generate tens of thousands in sales...

And they WORK —


… even when you’ve got limited equipment.


… or a
not-huge audience.


... or a “my kids didn’t sleep” face complete with smudged mascara and unbrushed hair.


In fact, they’re skipping over video as a marketing tool altogether.

And it’s not hard to understand why...

When it comes to video, you can see ALL the stats & read ALL the stories, and it doesn’t matter...

It doesn’t matter that video gets more eyeballs, more shares, more conversions and more sales than any other type of content…

Because the truth is, there’s something ELSE that matters, which outweighs all of these things...

… Trying to film yourself sucks.

At least, it has whenever you’ve done it before.

You start out with ALL the motivation, determined to give it a go.

But what should you film? What’s worth sharing? And what hasn’t been done to death?!

After what seems like a hundred crap ideas, it’s a total ‘hallelujah’ moment when you finally come up with one you don’t totally hate.

So you slip on a clean shirt, clear a corner of your lounge, whip out your iPhone, and turn on the camera.

You check the screen, to make sure everything looks okay…

… and that’s when the true torture begins.


After trying a bunch of different angles and still not getting the look you want, you end up just pressing record anyway, hoping it will somehow get better as you go along.

A few fumbles in your speaking cause you to start over. Then you realise your hands are all fumbly too (why have you never noticed how awkward your hands are?!)

And when you finally do a ‘take’ without any major stuff-ups, it’s a huge relief… finished!

So you steel yourself, lean in, and press the playback button, holding out hope that your footage is better than you think.

But as you concentrate on the screen, dissecting your “performance”, any hope leeches away. It’s not like you expected to be Oprah or anything… but this?!


… Why do I seem so awkward?

… Why does it feel so forced?

… What’s up with the dreadful lighting?

… Why isn’t it as good as the other videos on my newsfeed?

… And why oh why does it all look so crap?!

After all of that, you don’t even know if you can bear sharing it with your audience.

It’s just not what you’d envisioned… at all.

With hours wasted, hope squashed, and a new patch of greys about to sprout out of your head, you decide that video “just isn’t for you”.

Of course, you keep on hearing stories about video and reading articles about how it’s “the way of the future” blah blah blah…

All you can tell yourself is that you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it.

In the meantime, you’ll go back to writing Facebook posts that don’t get seen, publishing blogs that barely get noticed, and battling for space in people’s inbox...

Want to opt out of the cycle?

6 reasons

You’ve Stashed Video In The “Too Hard” Basket

… even though it’s literally the ONLY can’t-afford-to-ignore-it marketing tool when it comes to building an audience.

REASON #1. You’re not confident in front of the camera.

Lots of people seem to think that because we can all talk in real life, we should instantly be able to do the same thing on camera and feel 100% natural while doing it.

But it doesn’t quite work that way...

Presenting on camera is NOT a skill we scooted out of the womb knowing how to do. It’s something we all have to learn. (Heck, even Oprah had to start somewhere!)

And though it might not seem like it, the people in your newsfeed who do a great job of creating real, raw, natural-looking videos have actually learned a bunch of these skills and techniques, which is why they’re so good at getting their message across and putting their ‘best foot forward’...

… but because they’re so good at it — and because their videos are so natural — we don’t even notice.

So if you’ve been beating yourself up about how awkward you feel, know this: it’s not because you don’t have some magical ‘x’ factor, it’s because you don’t yet have those ‘hidden techniques’ in your arsenal.

And even just a handful can make a huge difference to your confidence.

REASON #2. You’re still not sold on the power of video.

I get it.

It feels like every minute, we’re being told about some new tool or platform we “should” be using to build our businesses. It can get overwhelming… and very frustrating.

So why should you believe all the buzz about video?

Well, in amongst all the noise and chatter, video is basically the only thing that all schools of online marketing can agree on.

That’s in large part because the science showing how people respond to it is overwhelmingly strong.

It’s overtaken all other forms of marketing, and is now the #1 type of content that audiences WANT to consume online. This remains true no matter how the data is broken down — for age group, gender, location, income level, industry, all of it... Video comes first.

It doesn’t stop there, of course. Studies show that video gets:

  • More space in the news feed — In a 2017 report, Facebook said that their algorithm was heavily weighted in favour of video. (Source: Facebook)
  • More shares — Social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. (Source: Brightcove)
  • Better SEO — Web pages with videos on them are 52 times more likely to rank on the first page of a Google search than those without. (Source: Unbounce)
  • More leads — Using video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%. (Source: EyeView)
  • More sales — People are 64-85% more likely to buy from a business after watching a video. (Source: Kissmetrics)

I absolutely do not want to load you down with statistics, so I’ll stop there!

But let’s just say that a few years ago, there were a number of good answers to the question “What’s the best way to build an audience and attract customers?”


According to the data, video’s the clear winner.

REASON #3. You hate the way you look on screen.

It’s easy to see why this issue is such a huge roadblock… especially for us women.

After all, our whole lives, all the women we’ve seen on screen — in tv shows, movies, the news, whatever — have been primped and polished to the nth degree.

They’re also usually turfed out the door the second they show the slightest sign of age or imperfection. (Meanwhile, a man is totally allowed to become a “silver fox”... ?)

There is so much to unpack here, and we could talk about it forever.

But the way I see it is this:

In this online world, where smoke and mirrors are everywhere, being able to show up and value yourself exactly as you are, is a truly rebellious act.

And turns out, I love being rebellious. And your audience will love YOU for it too.

If you look in my inbox or DM folder on any given day, I guarantee that you’ll see a certain type of message, without fail. A woman I’ve never met will have reached out, saying some variation of: “Thank you for being real, it makes me feel so much better about my own life. I feel like I know you already.”

Now, a business coach might get excited about how great this is for list-building or whatever..

But for me, it’s so much bigger than that. And it breaks my heart that showing up as I am is somehow seen as ‘revolutionary’ and out of the ordinary.

But I’m more than happy to continue being me, showing up, connecting on a heart-and-gut level, and getting to serve people who are seeking help that I can give.

I can’t promise you that you’ll ever love the way you look on camera (I’m still my own harshest critic, though I’m getting better).

But I can promise you two things about showing up as your full, true self:

The people that are meant for you will be SO grateful they found you.

And you will never, ever regret honouring your truth.

REASON #4.You’re prone to tech overwhelm.

Tech stuff not your zone of genius?

Not keen on having to fork out $$ for expensive equipment, or spend hours fiddling around with software?

Yeah, me neither.

So it was a total relief to realise that I could create and share videos using nothing but the thing we all carry around in our pockets — a smartphone.

Sure, there are some people who opt for the expensive camera or the fancy software.

But lots of people don’t realise that you can do an ENTIRE video marketing campaign using just your phone (and a laptop, if you find it easier on a bigger screen).

So there’s literally zero need to stress about becoming a black-belt ninja in tech.

Because that video you saw at the top of the page? The one that took 3 minutes to make and resulted in 50 people saying ‘yes’ to joining our signature program?

… nothin’ but a phone, baby.

REASON #5. Already stretched for time.

When time is your most precious resource, it becomes even MORE important to focus on the strategies that have a good ‘ROE’ (return on effort), where you can make ‘x’ amount of work lead to a 2x, 5x, even 10x result.

When I first started experimenting with video, my idea of what constituted a ‘good’ ROE was flipped on its head completely.

I would sit there, after posting a clip, and watch my engagement numbers climb faster than they ever had, and I’d pretty much be in a state of disbelief.

I’d think to myself, Here is a tool that gets such good results, yet takes so much less time and effort than what I’ve been doing…. WTF?!! How does that even make sense?!

I could film and share a video in less than ten minutes, then see hundreds of interactions within the first hour it was posted (which sure beat what I was used to with blog posts!)

And now that I use video in my launches, I can spend 5 minutes planning out a “script”, 3 minutes filming it, and it will make more sales than an email that took me a whole day to write.

All things considered, this might be the biggest reason I love video...

Because while I love all the super impressive stats and facts, at the end of the day, in my business, it always comes down to me — a living, breathing human — trying to find time for what’s important, trying to overcome resistance and procrastination, and trying to get shit done...

…. and in this respect, video has helped me more than anything else.

REASON #6. Scared of trying “yet another” biz strategy that doesn’t work.

The scattergun approach to marketing is pretty stressful.

You start out trying to do “all the things” at once, only to...

… get bogged down in the weeds.

… get completely overwhelmed.

…. and end up feeling defeated.

Lots of people feel this way when they start out with video marketing in particular — trying to navigate which type of videos, on which platforms, when to post them, how to sequence them, where to use them in their launches…

It can be overwhelming, when you’re trying to figure it out for yourself.

Which is why you need a system — a clear, step-by-step approach that tells you what to focus on first, what to do next, and what to ignore completely.

That way, you remove all the guessing and stressing, and your whole marketing strategy goes from “scattergun” to laser-focused.

Having a system also gives you the confidence and motivation to follow through, because you know that what you’re doing is proven to work, and all you’ve got to do is keep stacking up those small wins to eventually see big results...


Video is THE best way to make an instant connection with your audience. We've worked with Lisa over a couple of years now as an influencer for some of our biggest brands. Her authenticity and expertise shines through every time and is, without doubt, the best person to learn from in the industry about building a tribe and converting them into paying customers.

Jenny Hassam, CEO, Rhetoric PR

If you’re still reading (thank you!)

You clearly GET that video is the one marketing tool that online business owners can’t afford to ignore.

So I’ll stop banging on about how powerful it is 😉

Instead, let me go ahead and tell you the good news:

Creating Powerful, Authentic, Non-Douchey Videos

— that speak straight to the heart of your audience, and that light up your email dashboard with a steady surge of new subscribers —

Does NOT Have To Be So Freaking Hard.

...in fact, it’s much easier than you think.

What’s important is to have a layered approach, like the 4-step ‘REAL’ method I’ll be sharing with you below, that allows you to get strategic at the four levels of video creation:

How you


ecord your video

How you


xpress your message

How you


mplify your reach, and

How you


everage your content

On top of that, you want an approach that skips the complicated stuff that doesn’t create a worthwhile impact (because seriously, who’s got the time?!)

… and that allows you to be YOURSELF on camera (in fact, that coaches you step-by-step through any awkwardness, so you can let your true self shine through).

So, you know… something that’s REAL, on a bunch of levels.

If I’m speaking your language, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my signature “it doesn’t have to be that hard” system for learning how to use video in your business…



 The complete step-by-step system for creating powerful, authentic videos that rapidly build your tribe and boost your conversions…

...even if you’re not a tech person and don’t love being on camera.

This is an online program for entrepreneurs just like YOU…

And like the name suggests, we’re keeping video real...

Because filming yourself doesn’t have to be this huge scary thing, and because you shouldn’t be missing out on all those insane benefits, while other (way less awesome) people in your industry are reaping all the rewards!

Here’s how the program works...

Step #1 — How to Record your video


We start by getting your foundations solid.

This intro module is where you’ll learn the tips, tricks and tools that allow you to put your best foot forward on video, so you get an end result that you’re proud to share with your tribe.

Remember, loads of the awkwardness that comes with being on camera is about not knowing the ‘invisible techniques’ that the people who rock at video are using…

… so we’re going to pull back the curtains, take a look behind the scenes, and skill you up to feel confident in your filming.

By the end of this module you’ll LITERALLY be ready to record your first video. (Yay!)

And we’ll all be there in the Facebook group afterwards, to give you a huge celebratory pat on the back, and — if you choose — some kind and constructive feedback.

Here’s how we’ll get you ready to press that red button:

  • Lighting 101 — the single most important factor in looking good on camera! (Including how to hack your lighting in tricky spaces)
  • Why filming video on your phone is different to taking selfies (and how so many people screw up their angles!)
  • The common mistake that repels viewers and how to draw them in instead
  • The fastest way to get comfortable presenting on camera (including an answer to one of the most frustrating problems newbies encounter: what the heck should I do with my hands?!)
  • My go-to hacks when filming in unusual locations or while on the go
  • Advanced equipment (you truly only need a phone, but we’ll go through the best brands and products if you want to invest in some ‘gear’)
  • The crazy-useful ‘Video Ideas Bank’ — so you’ve always got creative concepts ready to go, and can skip the whole “but I don’t have any ideas” phase.
  • The only shooting and editing techniques you’ll ever need (so simple, so effective, forget everything else)

Step #2 — How to Express your message


Now that you’re recording yourself like a pro, it’s time to zoom in on what you’re actually saying during your videos.

The way you express your message has a huge influence on your ability to connect with your audience and create content that resonates...

… And yet loads of people skip this stuff, then wonder why nobody’s watching.

Not you though!

We’re going to get you thinking about your message and your audience in an entirely new way, so you can create curiosity-driven videos that FASCINATE your viewers while feeling 100% authentically ‘you’.

We’ll get you there with:

  • The ‘Toilet Rule’ for creating can’t-scroll-past-this videos that speak straight to the heart of your customers
  • The genius hacks for ramping up engagement and getting more likes, comments and shares on your posts
  • How to tailor your message for different platforms (because what works on facebook is NOT the same as for other platforms)
  • When to script and when to freestyle (and how to master both styles)
  • Finding your voice and playing up your natural personality (so that your videos feel unique, authentic, and totally ‘you’)
  • Why Facebook Live is your new best friend (and how to take advantage of this marketing power-tool)
  • How to work through nerves and lack of confidence
  • Everything you need to know to create killer Facebook Live vids
  • Bonus: Behind the scenes of a Facebook Live
    Watch as I shoot a Facebook Live for my tribe. See everything we’ve talked about from the first two modules in action — from how I position my phone, to my lighting setup, to how I encourage engagement. We’ll do a mini ‘analysis’ of the finished product, breaking down the different elements of the message and revealing the hidden techniques in play.

Step #3 — How to Amplify your reach


Congrats! You’re now creating heartfelt videos that resonate with your audience.

… Now it’s time to get as many eyeballs on those vids as possible.

In Step #3, you’ll get clear on the critical strategies and techniques that guarantee you’re getting the best possible exposure for every video you share with your tribe.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get 10x more space in the newsfeed without dropping a single dollar
  • The common mistake that means 85% of people miss your videos
  • Your video needs accessories! Learn how to craft a headline and caption that generate interest and maximise engagement
  • The ideal length for your videos (and why you should sometimes ignore all the rules!)
  • When and where to share your posts for maximum views and conversions
  • The #1 habit that’s hurting your organic reach (and how to swing it to your advantage)
  • The secret to creating CONSISTENT content and staying super organised
  • How to avoid getting bogged down in the weeds and losing momentum
  • The 2 minute trick to radically lower the cost of your Facebook ads
  • 5 powerful techniques to get people to show up on the day and watch your Facebook Live
  • How to instantly double your audience and connect with loads of new viewers

Step #4 — How to Leverage your content


You’re confident on camera, you’re creating great videos, and you’re doing it with more consistency than you ever dreamed possible…

… go you!

Now, in this final step, we’ll be using your newfound skills to create income-generating videos that convert like crazy and that light up your Paypal dashboard with floods of new sales.

This is the real fun stuff — the stuff that makes the most difference to your bottom line, and that adds major horsepower to your launches.

If you plan to launch even ONE product or program this year, this module is worth well over 5 figures to you and your business.

You’ll learn:

  • The #1 way that business owners miss out on sales (and how to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table during your next launch)
  • What makes someone click and buy? Uncover the essential elements of a video that sells.
  • The 3 kinds of promo videos that maximise sales (and how to know which is best for what you’re selling)
  • Done-for-you template: My go-to sales script (fill in the blanks and you’re set)
  • The so-easy trick to get 90% more eyeballs on your sales page
  • How I had my biggest launch ever using a tool that everyone says is “dead”
  • How to host a webinar that converts like crazy
  • The only tech you need to rock at webinars (including my ‘plug-in-and-play’ guide for creating an engaging slideshow)
  • Why video interviews are your new favourite thing (and how to conduct one like a pro)
  • Bonus #1: Tech CheatSheet — A list of all the tech and software I use to market my business, so you don’t have to waste time hunting for the best options (or making expensive purchases you don’t need).
  • Bonus #2: Video for Facebook Ads — In this 3-part mini-training, you’ll see behind the scenes on one of my most successful Facebook ads (which I filmed in a messy kitchen!), PLUS you’ll see the finished ad in action, and you’ll ALSO get a swipe file of ad concepts to juice you up the next time you’re low on ideas.


(Valued at $1,294)

Gift #1
Gift #1

4 x Live Q&A Sessions

These monthly ‘office hours’ are your chance to ask questions, find out what’s working now, and get personalised feedback on your videos (which is hands down the BEST way to accelerate your progress).

The calls will be recorded and stored in the membership site so you can watch them as many times as you like. (You can even submit questions in advance if you can’t be there on the day.)

Value: $300+


4 x Masterclasses with Leading Experts in Video Marketing

Colin Boyd on The Power of Persuasion — Learn how to sell without the sleaze, with the master of authentic communication himself. Discover the powerful presenting techniques that allow you to persuade your audience while always staying true to yourself.

Tiffany Lee-Bymaster AKA Coach Glitter on Looking Pro — Get the insider tips on styling your videos — including how to create a gorgeous background, what to wear to ‘pop’ on screen, makeup essentials, and next-level lighting.

Karly Nimmo on Moving Through Fear — The #1 factor that stops people taking action with video is fear. Here, Karly walks us through the tools and techniques to shift your mindset, dismantle any limiting beliefs, and realise your full potential.

Allison Davies on The Power of Expression — Why do some people have voices you just want to listen to? Tune in as vocal expert Allison shares techniques you’ll want to steal (and that’ll have you asking “how have I never known this before?!”)

To hunt down this kind of high-impact advice on your own — say, by doing these guys’ courses, or hiring them 1:1 — would easily set you back $200+ per expert. And you get all 4 for free.

Value: $200/each


Get The Bonus Bundle Valued at $1,085

BONUS #1 — Making Money with ManyChat


Heard that messenger bots boost sales, but not sure how to use them?

The step-by-step guide will show you how to use ManyChat to amplify your launches, get an 80% open rate, and bring in extra sales… even if you’re not a tech ninja and don’t have a big audience. #winning

Value: $297

BONUS #2 — Get Comfy On Camera (Masterclass)


Calm those nerves and build your confidence with Samantha Nolan-Smith — founder of ‘The School of Visibility’. In this masterclass, she spills the beans on on moving through your visibility blocks, being truly *seen*, and feeling confident on camera.

Value: $97

BONUS #3 — 5 Done-For-You Video Scripts


Includes the EXACT formula I use for my sales page videos, which have helped us get to 500k+ in revenue this year.

Value: $197

BONUS #4 — Lifetime access to our Members Only Facebook group


This group is gold.

It’s a safe, private space where you can ask questions, share your videos, and get feedback from me and your fellow members before you share your work with the world at large (SO powerful for accelerating your learning curve and radically boosting your confidence).

Value: $197

BONUS #5 — ADVANCED TRAINING: Behind-the-Scenes on my Most Successful Launch


Video is the linchpin of my marketing strategy... and earlier this year, it helped us achieve our best-ever launch for our signature membership program.

Join me in this masterclass for the latest in “what’s working now”, as I walk you through the ins and outs of our launch plan and the exact videos that made the most impact.

In this advanced training, you’ll get insider access to:

  • The 8 different ways I used video to maximise leads and conversions
  • The strategy behind each type of video, so you can implement them in your own launches
  • How I sequence my video content during my launches (to avoid burning out my list or pissing anyone off)
  • The best strategies for getting through launches (and getting it all done) without losing your marbles
  • Reverse engineer your own video launch plan, so you know exactly what videos to create (and when to share them) to amplify your next launch

Value: $297

You get instant access to the first module
and the bonuses

… which means you could literally be filming your first video in just over an hour, using nothing but your phone, and feeling more confident than you ever thought possible.

Act now to take advantage of the Early-Bird promo (Get $100 off)
and get your hands on the epic Bonus Bundle (Valued at $1,085)

Pay Monthly
Cashflow friendly option

$189 $149

  • 3 x Monthly Payments


Pay Upfront
Avoid recurring payments

$497 $397

  • One Payment (Save $100, Best value)



The ‘Keeping It Real’ 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say ‘yes’ to this program and to using video to grow your list and your business...

That’s why we’ve got our ‘Keeping it Real’ 30-Day Guarantee.

Join now, give the program a fair shot, and if — by the end of the second module — you haven’t seen rapid improvements in your video skills and gotten that energising feeling of “what on earth was I so worried about?!”… we’ll give you your money back.

We’ll even foot any processing fees.

Simply send an email — along with your completed worksheets for Modules 1 and 2, so that we know you gave it a go — to my right hand woman, Victoria at info@smallstepsliving.com, and she’ll process your refund tout de suite.


At this stage, you might be wondering...

“Um, who the heck are you to teach this stuff?!” Good question!

If we haven’t met before, I’m Lisa Corduff.

When I’m not adjudicating toddler tantrums (!) or obsessively listening to podcasts, you’ll find me building my online empire over at Small Steps Living, where I teach mums how to feed their families more wholefoods.

I know that sharing numbers can sound wanky, so let me get this over with quick. My business has:



Revenue in 2017



Followers on facebook



Email subscribers



Members in my paid membership program



And I regularly get 25k+ views on my videos.

I hate when people go on about their ‘figures’, but I wanted you to see them so I can tell you the part that actually matters:

I attribute a huge portion of my audience size and revenue to one thing: video.

My willingness to press record and chat for a few minutes, then share it online, is why I have the business I have today.

Things weren’t always so rosy though. It took lots of experimentation (and some huge cringe-worthy mistakes) before I nailed my video method…



My first ever video, from 2013…
… It got 12 views.



A recent video, shot in the carpark of my
local supermarket… It got 28,000 views.

It’s not just the way I shoot the video (and light my face!) that’s changed.

There are so many other factors at play — when and where you share them, the text that goes with them, how to make them highly clickable, how to tweak them for paid ads, where to sequence your videos in your launch campaigns...

As soon as I got these factors right, the impact on my metrics was instant. I started banging on about video to anyone who’d listen, thinking to myself ‘This is so powerful, why isn’t EVERYONE doing it?’

But the struggle is real. And tech overwhelm is a thing. And I know so many people find the whole concept of doing video and ‘being seen’ to be really confronting.

So I created Keeping Video Real.

Because video doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming, and because you shouldn’t be missing out on all those insane benefits, while other (way less awesome) people in your industry are reaping all the rewards...

So if you want to go through my exact system, be up and running in a matter of hours, and start seeing for yourself the huge impact video can make in your business…

… Then I would love to have you aboard.


Here’s What Our Members Have To Say...

Georgie Fitzgerald - round

After I completed Keeping Video Real I was able to confidently grow my company and went from feeling invisible, and only having a few trusted friends and followers loving my videos, to being confidently visible on video, having the technical skills to create amazing videos for others. This led to more clients who were impressed with my work that became loyal repeat clients. Lisa is 100% committed to helping you feel confident standing in front of a video camera and sharing your valuable message to a bigger audience.

Georgie FitzGerald, Georgie Heart Media

I'd never really had a problem with being in front of the camera but I'd made making video out to be such a complicated process. It would take me hours to create/edit/upload/post just one video.

A month after finishing KVR I recorded, edited and loaded 14 videos for  my first eCourse... in just 2 days! Plus, thanks to Lisa's tips, they actually looked and sounded decent.

Thanks so much for such a valuable, practical course Lisa!

Claire Cameron, Claire K Creations (www.clairekcreations.com)

Claire Cameron round
Laura Trotta - round

"I was just so scared of pressing that start button on my phone to record. Until Lisa put out her Keeping Video Real course. This was a game changer for me." Listen to Laura talk about her experience with KVR >>>

Laura Trotta (www.lauratrotta.com)

Keeping Video Real is a simply brilliant course! I had procrastinated doing videos for 2 years and within 2 weeks of Lisa's course I did my first facebook live. Here are the top 3 benefits I experienced.....

Nikki Smith (www.nikkismith.net.au)

Nikki Smith - round

You get instant access to module 1
and the bonuses

… which means you could literally be filming your first video in just over an hour, using nothing but your phone, and feeling more confident than you ever thought possible.

Act now to take advantage of the Early-Bird promo (Get $100 off)
and get your hands on the epic Bonus Bundle (Valued at $1,085)

Pay Monthly
Cashflow friendly option

$189 $149

  • 3 x Monthly Payments


Pay Upfront
Avoid recurring payments

$497 $397

  • One Payment (Save $100, Best value)



Questions people ask before they join Keeping Video Real….

“I want to do this, but I’m already pushed for time. How long is this gonna take?”

There are four core modules of the program. Each module will take you about an hour to go through, plus an hour or two to implement.

You get instant access to the first module — which walks you, step by step, through the filming process. Which means you could LITERALLY be filming your first video in just over an hour or so...

I don’t want to blow smoke, of course. That first one might take you a few goes to get right.

But within a few tries — once you’re comfortable with the techniques and strategies — you’ll be filming great videos in a matter of minutes.

And that’s one of the biggest advantages of using video: you can get quality content out into the world quickly. Which — if you’re already busy and wearing a million hats — is an absolute godsend.

It also means you can take advantage of tiny pockets of time where you otherwise wouldn’t get anything done — say, when you rock up 10 minutes early for the school pick-up, or while you’re sitting in the car waiting for soccer practice to finish.


“Are you going to ask me to buy a bunch of expensive gear?”


I’m serious when I say that all you need is a phone, and maybe a mic.

Lots of our grads do eventually choose to invest in a basic ‘gear kit’. (And I’ll be sharing my favourite brands, so you don’t have to waste hours on forums trying to scope out the best options.)

But ALL of that stuff is completely optional.

I cannot repeat this enough: literally all you need is a smartphone.

“I get overwhelmed by tech stuff… is this really tech-y?”

No! Rest assured, you DON’T need any fancy tech or software to see results, and plenty of my videos get published without any ‘post-production’.

That said, if you DO decide to try some editing, I’ve got you covered.

We’ll go piece by piece through the [very!] low-key suite of tools I use to edit, publish and enhance my videos, and I’ll show you how to use each of them step by step.

There’s no fluff, no BS… and if I can do it, anyone can!

“I’m not confident on camera. Are you sure this is something I can learn?”

If you’re not confident on camera yet (← “yet” being the key word!) this course is perfect for you on two fronts...

First off, because you’ll learn, step by step, how to actually “be” on screen. We start with the basics (like, how to stand, where to look, what to do with your hands) and when you’re ready to go deeper, we go there too.

There are so many tips and tricks that, once you know them, will make talking on camera a million times easier. And you’ll start seeing how everyone who “gives great video” — whether it’s online, or on the news, or on your fave TV show — is actually employing these “invisible techniques”.

Secondly, the type of videos we’re creating are all about CONNECTION with your tribe. Meaning, all those moments of ‘imperfection’ that you’re judging yourself for, actually make you MORE real to your audience, and create a far stronger and more authentic relationship with them.

Put simply, what you think of as a “lack of confidence” is actually a hidden superpower that you’ll learn how to channel and showcase into powerful, authentic, REAL videos.

“When are the live ‘office hours’ held?”

Office hours are held the first Thursday of the month. Times will be announced in the Facebook group a few weeks in advance, so you’ve got time to plan your schedule. We’ll do our best to accommodate all time zones 🙂

The calls will also be recorded and stored in the membership site, so you can watch them as many times as you like.

"How is the content delivered?"

You get instant access to the first module and the bonuses.

You’ll then receive a new module each week for three weeks. (I’ll send you an email so you know when they’ve ‘dropped!’)

All the materials are stored in the membership portal, so you can access them with ease.

“Do I have lifetime access?”

Of course!

You can watch at your own pace and dip back in whenever you need a refresher.

“What happens when I sign up?”

As soon as your payment is processed (which may take a few minutes), you’ll get an email from me containing a welcome message, instructions on how to join the facebook group, and your login details (aka, all the good stuff!)

That means you can literally be dipping into the first lesson in, like, 2 minutes time… and then filming your first video within the next hour.

(Welcome email hasn’t arrived? No worries, shoot our support team an email here: info@smallstepsliving.com and they’ll get you sorted ASAP.)

“Is it really risk free to join?”

YES! 100%.

I want you to feel confident about joining up, knowing that if you put in the work, you’re going to get ROI.

That’s why I offer a money-back guarantee, to take all the risk out of it for you.

Join now, test drive the program for 30 days, and if you reach the end of Module 2 and still feel like the program hasn’t added value to your business, my team will refund your enrolment fee straight away. (We’ll even cop the processing fees.)

You’re ready to use Keeping Video Real to build your list, grow your business, and amplify your next launch if…


You’ve never tried video before and want to nail it from the get-go. You’re keen to start attracting a healthy flow of traffic to your website (and you’re REALLY keen to avoid the common *facepalm* moments that can strike when you’re starting out with video).


You HAVE tried video before, but haven’t seen the kind of results you wanted. You’d appreciate a focused, step-by-step system that not only makes the filming and presenting parts a cinch, but that shows you how to then take your video and maximise its impact in your marketing and launches.


You’re building a business based on connection and authenticity. It really matters to you that your readers trust you and like you. You hate all the sleazy marketing tactics you see online, and would much rather just be real with your audience.


You’re cool with putting in some time to learn something new… well, you are when you know you’re going to get a good ROI at the other end.


And truth be told, you’re ALREADY putting in the time. You’re spending hours each week creating content — or feeling guilty about all the content you should be creating. And yet you often end up disappointed when your blog (or newsletter, or facebook post) doesn’t get anywhere near the response you’d hoped for. Sometimes you even find yourself sliding into a “is this even worth it?” spiral.


You want to focus on the stuff that’s working NOW... You’re aware that the online landscape is changing and you don’t want to be left behind. You want to make sure you’re laying the groundwork for your business to grow and thrive for years to come.


You’re excited about what it would mean to have more eyes on your work. You already believe in your message and what you’re doing, but it’s always been a struggle to get your stuff in front of the people who need it most. The idea of suddenly having more space in the news feed, more organic traffic, and more readers eager to jump on your list sounds pretty game-changing.


You’re EXTRA excited about finding a way to create great content FAST. Like, in a few minutes or so. You know how important consistency is in building an audience and getting momentum, so having a way to make powerful content in tiny pockets of time excites the pants off you.


You’re prepared to take 30 days to test-drive Keeping Video Real, risk free. Give the program a fair shot, and if — by the end of the second module — you haven’t experienced genuine ROI, seen rapid improvements in your video skills, and gotten that energising feeling of “what on earth was I so worried about?!”… we’ll give you your money back.

If at least 6 items on this list had you nodding your head, you owe it to yourself and your business to give Keeping Video Real a risk-free shot.

To recap, when you sign up:

You’ll save $100 off your enrolment and get:


Access to all 4 Modules of Keeping Video Real. You’ll be guided through the 4-step REAL method for creating powerful, authentic videos that rapidly build your tribe and increase your conversions (Value: $697)


4 x monthly LIVE Q-&-A Calls — where you can ask questions, find out what’s working now, and get personalised feedback on your videos (Value: $300+)


4 x Bonus Masterclasses with leading industry experts, to help you skill up in specific areas and take fast action (Value: $800)


Lifetime access to the program (so you can go through it at your own pace, and dip back in whenever you need a refresher)



Making Money with ManyChat — my step-by-step guide on how to use Messenger Bots to amplify your launches, get an 80% open rate, and bring in extra sales… even if you’re not a tech ninja and don’t have a big audience. (Value: $297)


Get Comfy On Camera — masterclass with Samantha Nola-Smith on moving through your visibility blocks, being seen, and feeling confident on camera. (Value: $97)


5 Done-For-You Video Scripts (including the EXACT formula I use for my sales page videos, which have helped us get to 500k+ in revenue this year) (Value: $197)


Access to an incredible community of entrepreneurs in the private Keeping Video Real Facebook Group — the BEST place to get personalised feedback on your videos (Value: $197)


ADVANCED TRAINING: Behind-the-Scenes on my Most Successful Launch (so you know the latest what’s-working-now strategies to sell out your next launch) (Value: $297)

Total Value: $2,882

Join us now for Keeping Video Real

(and take advantage of the 30 day risk-free guarantee)


Pay Monthly
Cashflow friendly option

$189 $149

  • 3 x Monthly Payments


Pay Upfront
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$497 $397

  • One Payment (Save $100, Best value)



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