BUILD Momentum in quarter 2!

Stop faffing about! The procrastination, endless self-doubt, confused marketing messages (if you are in fact marketing!) and sabotage are not doing you any favours.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level - you now have an exclusive opportunity to work with me in an intimate, personalised group coaching experience this coming May.

If you are ready to take action and get your important work out into the world and reaching more people - then check out the video below. (Excuse the handheld vibe, filming in my bedroom, with five kids downstairs playing - let's just be grateful there was a video shot this holidays at all!)

I don’t want you to get half way through the year and think ‘I wish I’d done more’. Here is your chance to get it done with expert advice guiding the way.

Spots are strictly limited! Grab yours now x

Here’s what you get:


An introductory survey so I can get to know your business and goals.


5 x weekly 90 minute Live Group Coaching Calls. Each call I answer YOUR questions for YOUR business.


Weekly Goal Setting and Accountability posts in the Facebook Group to keep you on track and engaged.


A vault of 9 trainings available for you to work through - from mindset to marketing.


2 x Doing Days - Myself and my right-hand lady Mel are putting aside two full days to work with you via our Facebook Group answering any and all questions to get you moving FASTER!

TOPICS covered in trainings include:

  • Be, Do, Have - why you need to BE a successful business owner to get the results you want.
  • Visibility - Why being visible is essential to business growth and how to do it with ease.
  • Irresistible Offer - How to create an offer that converts.
  • Online Courses - What’s working right now and the simplest path to follow to get started
  • Opt-in Essentials - Get list-building right from the start!
  • Launches - Lessons from a ‘failed’ launch so you never make them!
  • Responsibility - why the buck stops with you and how this changes everything.
  • Webinar Walk-through - Let me take you step by step through my high converting webinar so you can plug and play.
  • Maintaining Momentum
  • Plus more….!

What they say:

Ruth Fellowes-round

Ruth Fellowes
Spectrum Health

When I first started in the program, I told Lisa I didn’t want any ‘fluffy stuff’ because I was at the point where I just wanted a detailed step-by-step process on how to build an online presence for my business, having already been a part of other mentoring groups. What a surprise to find that I have learnt just as much about beliefs around myself and my business, as I have on how to navigate the online world. And I loved it.

If you want a comprehensive understanding on how to make an online business happen, which includes the right amount of fluffy stuff, then you’ve got the whole package right here. Instead of being frozen with indecision about what the right thing to do is, I’m now seeing I have a whole playground I can play in, without wondering if I’m going to cause a major stuff up that’s unfixable. It’s been liberating to say the least. Thanks Lisa for helping to clear out the overwhelm and give me some direction!

3 months back I was stuck in the overwhelm of starting my business and actually moving forward. KBR came at the perfect time. It  gave me the tools and accountability to get out of my own way and start to make progress in getting my business off the ground.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect has been more than just the tools, it has been the way Lisa has challenged my perspective on ways of thinking and showing up. This has given me the strength and motivation to get to where I am now! Can’t thank you enough Lisa!    

Emma Kent Round

Emma Kent
Flourish and Shine

Jo Atkinson Round

Jo Atkinson
Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

I joined Lisa's group coaching program because I had been "stuck in my stuff" for the last year and was going around in circles with my business. I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve, but I was so overwhelmed with "all the things", that I just wasn't getting anywhere. 

I absolutely loved the weekly trainings. They were packed full of value, but best of all, practical steps for us to take action on in that week. I also loved the goal setting and accountability posts every week. Setting goals and taking daily action towards them has meant a change in the way I look at and set my goals, how I plan for them, and how I implement my plan. 

I am no longer overwhelmed, and instead, I have a fire in me that I didn't know existed! 

Lisa helped me to gain clarity around my business and how I can be visible in the crowded online world.

And best of all, she taught me not to be scared to take responsibility, to really step up and make the things I kept saying I wanted, to actually happen - to see how I can use what I had in the past considered "failures" were actually lessons that help to guide me towards better decisions and ultimately a better business. 

As a direct result of being part of this program, I have;

  1. Rebranded my business to fit who I am and what I'm about 
  2. Completely reworked by business management systems to work for me
  3. Developed and launched an opt-in to build my email list 
  4. Planned out a 6 week eCourse that is prepped and ready to launch
  5. Learned more than I ever thought I needed to know about landing & sales pages, sales funnels, facebook ads and email nurture campaigns!

Lisa is incredibly genuine and generous. She pushes when you need a push (and sometimes when you don't know you need one...), and she does it all with honesty and compassion.  

Lisa Corduff is a powerhouse, I’ve been following her work for awhile. When Lisa announced she was opening the doors to her group program I thought “yes! I really need a burst of inspiration”.

I’d been going along on my own for 12months. Lisa opened my eyes to the prospect of developing a new arm to my business - a new group program based on my current 1:1 offering.

With her encouragement I jumped in and the response has been excellent. I’ve set up a Facebook page, created an opt-in, am running a free training and am excited to kick off my first webinar.

I wanted to be inspired and energised and Lisa offers just that. Her effervescent energy is infectious and the weekly calls are fantastic for keeping you in alignment and on track. Lisa Corduff is awesome and I highly recommend all that she offers to everyone who wants to really make things happen in their business.

Emma FB

Emma Franklin-Bell
The Beautiful Business Academy

Firstly, I want to say that I'm incredibly glad I signed up for your group coaching program. 

It was perfect timing for me as I knew that I needed some motivation and guidance to get me to take some important next steps in my business. The saying "what got you here, won't get you there" was blaring loudly in my head every day.

I'm not sure I can pick a ‘favourite' part of the program because I think it all works together so well. I love the weekly calls for the lessons, questions and feedback. I LOVE the 90 Day Planner. I love the FB group and seeing everyone's posts and the value they bring. I love watching your FB lives in the group .

I've felt a big shift in a lot of things since I started the group coaching program. I've started paying more attention to how I show up in my business and the vibe I'm projecting. I've recognised a couple of major blocks for me in terms of moving myself and my business forward (i.e. insecurities and boundaries). I've upped my copywriting game, my launch game, my social media game, and I'm learning and implementing more every week.

I feel like I've opened up some sort of floodgate to what's possible and that scares the SHIT out of me, but it's definitely progress!

Sophia Arthur
Copywriter and Content Strategist

I have been chipping away at getting my new business idea “out there” for over a year, the idea had been festering for more than two years. It just seemed to take so much more courage than I could muster.

I jumped on board Lisa’s KBR as I have been a longtime admirer of her digital business skills. I need people around me who are not only knowledgeable but also capable of giving me that gentle (or not so gentle) push in the right direction with the encouragement and accountability to support it.

I really loved the weekly calls and felt super inspired after them. I loved also the defined three month period. It is long enough to make a difference not so long that I could leave it until later.

I feel I am still transforming as an online business owner but my commitment to it and drive for it is stronger than ever but since doing KBR my ability to take small and mostly consistent action is getting better all the time!

Lisa is amazing. The group of women who participated are equally as wonderful. It feels a little like we have a team of supporters.

Bonny Marsh
Speech Pathologist at Small Connections

We start Monday 29th April

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  • 5 Weeks Group Coaching
  • Vault of Mindset and Marketing Trainings

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